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1998-2004Triumph 955I Daytona?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. what are these bikes like?

    read some reviews, as per usual, each review seems to say something different and i'm left having learnt nothing at all.

    one review said they're not very sporty? more a touring bike? so yeah, what do they fit under? how do they go?

    whats your opinion of them?

    im 6"4' would use it for the twisties.
  2. My boss owns a silver one, rides it from Pymble North to Mittagong every day for work, tours, does everrything with it, and loves it to bits. I can see why; up close the technology is just beautiful, and it sounds pretty neat too.
  3. so is it a tourer or a sports bike....?
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  5. Sounds like your more interested in the classification of this bike then the actualy bike itself.

    It capabilities probably far exceed your abilities ( no offense intended, a lot of bikes do), so you'll have room to grow on it, and when you max it out, it'll probably be time to upgrade lol.

    If it does everything ya want, but is classified as a tourer, would you still want it?
  6. so it is a tourer. damn.

    so what are some cheap(ish) racing style bikes that i should be looking for? got a sports tourer at the moment, and yeah, i miss the Rness of my hyo 250r.
  7. Old sports bikes become tourers after a while. Heaps of Blades & R1s getting about with lambswool seat covers & gear-racks......
  8. Did you read the report?

    Did you listen to anything anyone has said?

    Sometimes I think I and others are wasting our time answering posts like this :roll:.
  9. yeah i read it.

    as i said, one review says one thing, one says another, that report leans in the direction that its a sports bike, but person above, and other reviews lean in the direction of a sports tourer.

    looks like a sports bike.
  10. Trust me, it is a lot sportier than your Hyo 250R.

    I would call it a sport bike as it is not comfortable for 5 hour rides without stopping etc.


    great bike.

    Go for an 02-04 if you can, as they had a few upgrades.
  11. no, it's not a sports-tourer (although it will tour if pushed). It's a fast, sporty road bike that just isn't quite as fast or light as the current crop. On the other hand it is more torquey, very stable, and lasts well. It also has occasional niggling little problems.
    Compare it to a 'blade, R1, ZX or GSXR, it will feel slow to turn and lacking top end. It probably compares best to bikes like TL1000R, VTR SP and Aprilia RSV despite the fact that it's not a twin.