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1997 VTR1000 for $3.8k, plenty of mods, Sydney

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Peaches, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. Hello all,

    Selling my 1997 VTR 1000F Firestorm. 6 months rego, lots of bling, never been crashed, very well looked after, 67,000 km+ on the clock. I’m the third owner (second female).

    Yes, it’s been ridden in the rain before (duh!), yes it’s been on the track (3x, including 1 super bike school session). And for those who care, yes it’s always been garaged. Runs well, engine is solid as a rock (typical Honda), pulls and goes very well. My partner is a motorcycle mechanic apprentice (works on Hondas at a dealership) and has maintained the bike.

    Asking price: $3,800, or $4,100 with brand new tyres FITTED.

    braided brake lines from US
    After market brake discs
    Bendix brake pads
    K&N Air Filter - BRAND NEW, will be fitted just before/upon sale
    Carbon fibre rear hugger
    Carbon fibre chain guard
    High rise staintunes
    Pillion seat cover
    Custom number plate (VTR98)
    Flushed indicators front
    Custom belly pan (not in pic)
    Bike rack, grab rail, and ventura rack
    Rear shock from Racetech (it’s shorter)

    What it needs/dings:
    New tyres – will throw in new tyres FITTED for extra $300. Pirelli Diablos. Currently running Corsa 3s.

    Never been crashed but a farkwit sat on it without my knowledge and dropped it. Tiny ding on right hand side exhaust as a result. Fairings undamaged except for a small scratch (thank goodness for Oggys!)
    Cam chain tensioner might need replacing

    Please note, suspension is aftermarket. No lowering links, but a rear shock put in by Racetec is on the Storm. As such it’s slightly shorter than your average storm. It worked for me beautifully, and have had no issues keeping up and chasing down newer, bigger HP bikes in the twisties. But note, suspension might need servicing as well.

    Reason for selling: looking for a change from V twin to i4.

    I don’t like bull-$hitting, so I’ve listed all the positives and negatives. $3,800 or nearest offer without new tyres. Make me an offer.

    There’s other extras like a race stand to be thrown in, along with the Honda Firestorm owners manual etc etc.

    If interested, PM me or email. If I don’t sell it privately will be taking it to a dealer.

    Thanks all

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  2. *edit works AT a Honda dealership, sorry typos.
  3. gorgeous looking machine

    good luck with the sale!
  4. welcome back Ruth :)
  5. You'll be back =P
  6. Heh, thanks :)

    Yes, well loved, well maintained bike. First owner was female who apparently cried when it was sold to the second owner. The second guy had it only for 1,000KM before he sold it to me. I've been riding her ever since.

    104 bhp in the rear wheel, dyno'ed. There's other extras like the tank bra, T-REX crash bars, etc etc that come with it. I can't remember what else is there but there's others, I'm sure.

    I think the price is fair for its KMs, year, and the stuff like tyres etc that needs to be done to it.

    Otherwise it's a rock solid bike that I've had for 1.5 years and I've loved to bits. While not as powerful as the new twins, or inline fours, I've never had trouble picking off other riders in corners on road and track.

    Great bike. Will be sad to see her go. She's taught me a lot.

    conspiracytheorist - Oh, I don't doubt I'll be back :D I'm a V twin girl at heart, and I think I always will be. Too damn bad a lot of the big twins I like I can't fit (too short and bike too bulky). And I'm not a huge fan of the Ducs, bar the 999. But that's too exxy to maintain.

    I've tested a lot of bikes from singles to triples, nakeds to fairings, from 125s to 1300cc busas', so know what I want for now though :)
  7. what are you getting?
  8. crumbs, ruthie, you've come a long way since the Wollombi ride on the 125.....

    (I still have the pink pig, by the way, think about you every time I see it, glad you're still around :) :))
  9. Paul!! How's it going? :) Yes, that seems so long ago now LOL. I'll always remember Peaches though, my first bike. How the hell I did 11,000 km on a CBR125 I can't remember haha! Good starting point for me though. And yes, I remember your pig! I still have one too!

    Been so busy nowadays that I don't go on any forums anymore, although I still maintain close links to the rider community. Been writing a few bike and test articles here and there for various publications and now work at a national newspaper, so trying to get more bike-related stories in there too :p

    Goz - At this stage, likely to be an R1. Would LOVE to get the big bang one but it's unrealistic. Too expensive and I'd have to do a few mods to fit it properly. have tested a few other generation R1s, and the 02/03 (before they started becoming super peaky) is in my sights. I've tested 2 of the 03s, and they've got just the right amount of grunt and pull I like for an i4, and agility. Also it's not that big a jump in HP (104 for my storm to 130 for the 02/03). I think the 04 R1s onwards have 150+ hp.

    A 600 like a CBR600rr would have been awesome for me (I love trashing them around corners, so agile!) but can only fit the new ones, and they're too exxy for me :( Alternatively an R6, but a lot of them are taller. And I refuse to lower them to compromise suspension, even if it's done professionally.

    Sorry for long rant :p
  10. Have you tried a second hand 1198? Go on, you know you want to.

    (Also: WB, long time no see :) )
  11. Thanks mate :) No to the 1198. Beautiful bike, but way too expensive for me at this stage. Perhaps one day.

    Bike is now sold, thanks everyone for your help.
  12. sold!? bloody hell that was fast! but i expected nothing less.. beautiful bike ruthie :)
  13. Thanks Hols :) The buyer was keen, he knew what he wanted, I told him the good and the bad, and he just went "done". So I'm now bikeless :(

    But hopefully, not for long :D
  14. gsxr750 ruth, you know you want to.
  15. Thera - to be fair, I've never ridden the Gixxer 750. If I were to get a newer generation bike (08 - today), the Gixxer would be a serious contender. I can fit it, and what a nice balance between a 600 and litre. I've test the Z750 before, and have to say I loved the engine! Punchier than a 600, but so much easier to be more aggressive on the throttle compared with a litre i4!

    My main problem is budget (don't we all have the same problem, hah!). That and GSXRs for some reason don't appeal to me as much as the Yammys and Hondas.

    I was looking at the 636 plasma blue too... until I hopped on it... and could fit 1 toe on the ground :( Sadness.
  16. 1000cc?! Sheesh, the last time I saw/heard from you, you were on the lil' 125. :)

    Guess I've been out of the loop (and living interstate) for a while now.

    Glad to hear you're doing well though!
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