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1997 TAC commercial, what score out of 10?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Seems like the TAC must have had some genuine motorcycle input into this advert - but it still has the trademark sensationalist TAC emotive bit at the end <sigh> I personally think it didn't need the graphic sting in the tail.

    Have a look.

  2. I remember this advert when it was in T.V.
    I recall it being quite confronting at the time
    While this advert gives a good message to riders on how to treat other road uses by assuming the worst it misses the other important target - other road users.
    I got the feeling it was telling riders to make allowances for the incompetent or even illegal actions of other road users as there will be no consequence to other road user.
    This is further emphasised by the 'toilet' scene at the end but nothing in relation to the driver involved in the incident.
    Interestingly enough it is almost the same message as the '68 in a 60' zone advert so it makes you wonder has any progress been made at all ?

    3/10 (with 10 being the highest)
  3. Totally concur... but my score was a little bit higher because it actually was working towards some meaningful roadcraft, but failed to deliver the payload, instead going for the catastrophic climax. Edit: The voice over giving the advice was at odds with the traffic scenario though - it's hard to stay out of blindspots in peak hour!

    The blame the rider gene at the TAC is well ingrained it would seem. The rider definitely could have done a bit more to help himself and leaving the filtering to one side, was riding perfectly legally at the time of the incident... but once again, the driver was entirely at fault which isn't acknowledged. Seeing a pattern folks?

    It's almost like TAC accepts that Victorian drivers are mistake making unskilled numbskulls and that riders need to be at the top of the road system food chain to survive. If they would just come out and say that, they'd get a helluva lot more love edit: from riders, maybe not from drivers lol

    One more small mercy is that they didn't blame the rider's speed for getting merge SMIDSY'd.
  4. exactly. with the right voiceover the current ad could have done just that.
  5. 2/10

    "assume the worst in all traffic" is another meaningless motherhood statement.
    It is based on the assumption that motorcyclists are ignorant of the risks.
    Half of the ad is the emotive post-crash footage (he goes under the van at 26 secs of a 60 sec ad).

    I think that it's heart is in the right place (if you know what I mean) but I can't score it higher for good intentions. The TAC is full of good intentions. Fullish, at least.

    It's not that it's a bad ad, not like Reduce the Risks or Reconstruction... it's just that if you say that ad cost (for example) $100,000 to make, then I don't think you've got the best motorcycle-safety-value for money.
  6. Fliters to the front at the traffic lights and splits through the moving traffic....and they never had an issue with it. Instead it focuses on being in blind spots around the "bad" cars.

    Personally I think its better than todays ads
  7. Good ad i would give it 7/10 it makes you think.... The scary part is one of my mates is in that situation he had just had his second kid when he crashed. They had to change the whole house to make it wheel chair friendly.....
  8. I remember that ad. Interestingly enough, the part I remember is the toilet scene at the end, not what led up to it.

    I think the ad sends a better message than the latest (physics) ad. Even though it's directed at motorcyclists, I think it's more in line with the vice/versa ad - that serious accidents can occur due to motorists inattention/stupidity etc... To my mind, ads that seek to address the attitude of car drivers are important, particularly as "lack of driver awareness of motorcyclists" has been listed as one of the main risk factors for riders. 6/10.