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1997 Suzuki TL 1000S review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Biker Girl, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. I am looking at purchasing a Suzuki TL 1000S 1997, asking price is $3500 with registration and 30,000 kms on the clock for second motor. Has anyone ever owned one? If so I am interested in all you have got to say about this motorbike good and bad including performance, reliability, touring. Any comments are most welcome. Cheers.

  2. Hi Biker Girl

    Couple of things, actually. The first is that you might do better in terms of responses with this question in the 'Bike Reviews and Thoughts' forum.

    The second is my attempt to answer your question... but I should say this is totally hearsay, haven't ridden one, haven't even (knowingly) seen one.

    But what I heard is that they're pretty scary because they're hugely powerful but the handling and brakes don't really live up to the engine. The words 'death machine' were used.

    Others mileage may (will) vary.
  3. Found this at one site>

    "When Suzuki revealed the TL1000S it was a bit of a shock. Everyone knew a Honda V-Twin was coming, then Suzuki launched the TL prior to the Honda launch. The engine was all new, and mounted in the first mass production aluminum truss design frame. The Suzuki solved the inherent V-Twin wheelbase problem by the invention of their 'rotary' rear shock system. Early reports on the TL1000S were glowing. After a while however, reports started surfacing of problems with the fuel injection, and, more importantly, stability problems when pushed hard. Reports from Europe stated that the TL suffered from dangerous 'tank slappers'. Suzuki quickly issued a recall notice, and fitted steering dampers to stop the problem."

    There is a good review over here.
    They could not wait to get rid of the steering dampers.
  4. Suzuki built probably the most hairy chested, manly V-twin on the planet. There simple design has since be refined and de-tuned and can still be seen in the SV1000S.

    I think a few were crashed by some ham-fisted journo's around the time of thier lauch and they got a bad rep handling wise, but I have heard that the motor is just a stonking jem. I am fairly sue it threw ouut more power than the VTR and the 916/996 at the time.

    If you went to a forum dedicated to these bikes, they might be able to give you some tips in how to tame the ill-handling chassis, but they are a great looking bike and sound awesome.
  5. The rotary rear shock is widely renowned as one of the greatest c0ckups in modern motorcycle design. It's not a particularly bad idea, it was just done so badly by Suzuki that nobody else will do one until the world has forgotten about the TL.
  6. Apparently there's a way to replace the rear shock, according to that (excellent) site that Hipster linked.

    Might it be worth looking for an SV1000 instead? Won't get one for that price though, of course.
  7. I didn't see the price there. That sounds like a goer to me. Snap it up if it rides straight and there's no obvious problems.
  8. I know its second hand info but TwinGirl had a TL and loved it - from what I can gather she only sold it to purchase a brand new SP2...maybe ask her for her opinon as she owned one so could probs tell you some good advice :grin:
  9. The rear shock suffered from heat related issues. Under low to moderate use it worked quite well. When used hard it generated heat (and close to the rear exhaust?) and lost a lot of it's capability. Given that the shock would be at least 10yrs old, at a minimum it would need a complete service. If the shock is out of the bike it might be a great time to replace it with a conventional unit.

    As for the bike, I believe that those who ride them love them.
  10. TL1000s Review

    Well, the only pple who have commented that I would suggest you listen to are Ceejay and VtrElmarco.
    These bikes had a terrible reputation, but as for all who owned and rode them...they make a great bike.
    The twin is powerful and bullet proof, chews through tyres and will prolly make you sh*t yourself....or..... grin like a crazy fool.
    I had a TLR which is the better of the 2, but I suggest go with your instinct. If you enjoy the test ride, go for it. Most Jap Crap engines are fine with regular servicing.....it's a cheap price tho'.

    Sorry to all others who replied I am not trying to p*ss you off, it' just that everyone who saw my bike, asked how it went, coz they heard the bike had this problem, and that problem..blah blah blah.....all armchair experts I say.

    The bike will be fine for commutes, weekend rides touring and track days....go and enjoy....or keep looking..... :grin:
  11. Re: TL1000s Review

    And it was YEEEELLLLOW!
  12. Re: TL1000s Review

    But not as yellow as a certain faggy mille... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :shock:
    The TLS was bike of the year in 1997...depends which mag I s'pose :LOL:
  13. Hmm, isn't that a Coldplay song?
  14. TL

    For that money if nothing looks obviously wrong it could be worthwhile.

    One thing I have heard round the traps is that due to the crappy rear shock they are susceptable to hairline cracks/fractures (whatever) in the rear subframe near the shock.

    This type of imperfection should be visible on an inspection.

    One other concern would be the total K's on the bike. Is 30k on the new engine or in total?? Normal wear out issues on longer k bikes etc.