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1997 Honda hornet 250 (CB250F) / Melb

Discussion in 'Archived' started by the.forsaken, Jun 14, 2011.

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  1. Deposit taken, bike most likely sold... thanks for looking :D

    So, managed to make it to my full licence intact (body and bike!) looking at upgrading, so my little 250 is up for sale.

    Bike is a honda hornet 250 - basically a CBR250 engine in a naked bike, great little learner bike, can get up and go pretty nicely for a 250 too :) (certainly destroys it's two cylinder rivals), cheap to insure, looks pretty sweet for a 250 too imo :)

    Anyway - details:
    Bike: Hornet 250, 1997 build date, 1999 compliance date
    Color: silver/black
    Engine: 4cy 250CC, ~39hp (factory)
    K's: 34xxx km
    RWC: will be provided, rego exp. november, rego AZ659
    Price: $3900 ONO
    Contact: call or sms 0428279259
    Location: coburg

    more/high res pics :

    Condition: as you can see from the pics, very good. Pretty much nil damage on the bike, no drops or crashes with me as the owner.
    Headset bearings & rear brake replaced when I purchased the bike, chain and sprockets GC, NEW tires (<1000km old) BT-016's front and rear (cost 500$ fitted). Front pads will possibly be replaced for the RWC, not quite sure... Oil etc changed regularly.

    Mods: aftermarket twin pipe exit JMCA exhaust (loud for a 250, bit too loud really... but hey, people will hear you :D). Also comes with another set of mirrors which look way cooler, I just couldnt see shit behind me with them on so I stuck with the ugly-but-functional factory mirrors :)

    So yeah... price is ONO, if you are interested gimme a call and come check the bike out...

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  2. My House mates bike :p. Its a pretty awesome learners bike, I was allowed to take it for a few spins when i was on my restricted licence, well worth checking out for a new rider.

    He looks after it pretty well to.

    PS. 3 bikes in our garage is a bit crowded :S
  3. Just learnt this bike is sold - bummed, I would jump at it!
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