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1997 Ducati Monster 600 Dark (LAMS)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by AcidTrip, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. #1 AcidTrip, Mar 5, 2013
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    UPDATE - Rego paid, tank getting fixed soon. See post 2

    Up for sale is my 97 Ducati Monster 600 Dark, currently just over 56,000km. She was my LAMS mobile but now it's time to upgrade with the new full license. Chasing another Ducati, a 696+ so the Italians win you over ... Here's the pro's and con's as she has some of each!

    The bike is extensively modified, including but not limited to;
    -Bar-end mirrors (stock dorky mirrors provided)
    -Pazzo shorty levers
    -Ducati tacho (the 97-01 Monster's usually didn't come with tacho's)
    -Barracuda LED indicators
    -Carbon fibre belly pan, sprocket cover, ignition barrel cover, coffee holder, gauge bezel, Ducati tank protector (lots of carbon fibre)
    -Oxford Hot Grips
    -Dan-moto exhaust (originals included)
    -Custom gel seat
    -CNC alum clutch slave cylinder
    -Stage 2 Dyno-jet kit
    -K&N air filter
    -Oil + filter changed and air filter cleaned and oiled this month
    -All major servicing up to date, including cam belt change + valve clearance checks
    -All original books included

    Carb icing has now been solved thankfully. Having de-gunked the carb's and adding IPA to the fuel, she no longer stutters and stalls in less than 10deg weather. The tank is booked in to be fixed next month or sooner if purchased, I just replaced all the bushings on the rear shock and I'll be fitting a new chain over the Easter break.

    Chasing $7,000 with RWC for Netriders.

    I've brought it down to Sat practice a few times now and it's always got a good reception. I'd be happy for a netrider to take her round the carpark no worries at all.



  2. UPDATE - I've put another 1,600km on her. She's just over 56,300km at the moment and rising daily. Rego has been paid and is current until 21-Apr-2014. Lots of little niggly bits were fixed over the weekend when I was bored so she's riding very well. Dent will be pulled and full tank resprayed before it's sold. I've adjusted the price accordingly.
  3. Bike now sits at 57,000km. Carb icing is no longer an issue (adding IPA at 1% vol of fuel) and isn't a problem. Rego sticker in the tube. Tank booked in for repair in May.
  4. Tell him he's dreaming! 7k?
  5. #5 AcidTrip, Apr 7, 2013
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    Always ask more than you expect, gives you bargaining room ;) between you me and the forums, it's called sales 101. Don't tell me you're one of those sad clowns who actually pay sticker prices in stores?
  6. Haha hells no. Anytime I walk into a store I've just been on Google checking out the prices of that item online and in competitors stores. In this day and age you're a sucker to think sticker price is final. Power to you if you get 7k. I just don't think you'll pull it off in the netrider forums. Ebay, maybe?
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  7. Must admit i was shocked at the asking price, especially when you see what else you can get of a Japanes persuasion, ten years newer, for the same money.
    But looked on Bikesales and it seems there's a few others thinking the same! I reckon you could have bought the bike new for that in '97! That's what i call 'sensible cost of ownership', i.e. zilch.
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  8. Seems to be a reasonable asking price for an M600. I like the tacho. Nice mods, 12 months reg and RWC, a newly-repaired dentless tank, with room for negotiation on price, all sounds good for someone in the market for a Monster. Not too sure about the "carb icing", my red monster (still with dorky mirrors!) coped with a freezing Tassie winter. Sounds like you've sorted it out anyway. Good luck with the sale.
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  9. Glad to hear it! Sticker price is never final, agreed. Last time I paid retail for something it was reduced the very next day by 30pc. Good thing my credit card has shoppers protection. Plug for 28 degrees mastercard there. Best thing going around :)

    That's the thing with Japanese bikes and I perfectly understand that sentiment. I was looking at buying either a Suzi Gladius or a Duke 696+ next, considering they're on the same plane but one is Suzi and the other Duke. You either love or hate Italian bikes and I fall in the former category. All the people that have test riden it so far have ended up settling on a cheap Jap bike for their LAMS and again that's understandable. If you're not very mechanically minded, a Ducati is not for you. Had one person try and tell me the injectors were faulty and to reduce the price more. Ummm, there are no injectors on it, buddy ...

    Cheers mate, I've spent a hell of a lot of time, effort and money on getting the bike to the condition it's in. Now that the carb icing is sorted I'll keep it myself if no reasonable offers come along. It only occured in cold but humid weather (mostly fog). That was caused by several factors. Previous owner had NGK plugs that were one step too high, she doesn't like 98RON (loves 95 though) and the front cylinder cops extra wind from the belly pan. Adding the IPA or Silkolene Pro FST to the fuel fixes the problem completely though.

    On a side note I have had a few good offers for around the 7k mark. No-one is prepared to put cash down until the tank is fixed which is more than understandable. Hopefully she's gone once the tank is repaire d in a few weeks! :)
  10. Well given a change in financial circumstances I've decided to keep the bike for a while longer, given she's riding fine with no more carb icing. I was going to finance a 696, now I'll just wait till I can afford one with cash :) Bike will be back for sale next year some time.
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