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1997 CB400 Q's

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Evvy886, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Hi all, I've just got a few questions in regards to a recently purchased CB400. I am quite fresh at owning a bike, and I know this site is great for getting questions answered.

    So this week I was able to purchase a 1997 Honda CB400 (Project Big 1), I have googled the shit out of these models ha ha in order to get more information regarding them. I looked under the seat and there is a code: CB400K, a quick internet search has resulted in this code not really relating to anything much. The CB400's between 1992 - 1999 are all pretty much CB400SF (Super Fours, correct me if I'm wrong).

    So first question is, is anybody able to provide me with any additional information on this particular model?

    And secondly, I have noticed after some use, but not too intensive is a small amount of fluid that is leaking from a factory hole in the left hand side engine fins (the top, excuse the non-technical term). Does anyone know what this could be caused by?

    And lastly, if this bike is pretty much similar to all the CB400 variants in this 1992 - 1999 year range will the parts basically be universal fits?

    Please feel free to fill me in on much more :)


  2. If its water leaking I would take a guess and say its coming out of the water pump hole. If so bearings in the water pump are stuffed
  3. or maybe its got a hole in its hole
  4. Picture might help
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    Will upload now and try to add some arrows to make it easier to understand what I'm talking about...

    I've attached a photo (sorry for poor quality editing ha ha) but as you can see the red circle is the hole and when the bike is on its stand the 'fluid' leaks out and down that part of the fin where the red line is. Hope it is reasonably accurate :\


    Sorry for the delay, I had to figure out how to add this bloody image :\
  6. Drain hole leading from the spark plug well?
  7. Pretty sure gun is right
  8. So is it normal? Does it usually have a rubber plug on it? Just curious as to why a small amount of fluid comes out...
  9. If I'm right, it should not have a plug. It's to drain any water etc that collects in the spark plug well, from rain/washing the bike etc. If the fluid is anything other than plain water it could point to other issues, hope this is not the case.

    Do you think it's something other than water?
  10. Right well that would make sense. What is coming out is almost resembling the coolant that I topped the coolant tank with, I also did give the engine a degrease and then a hose down but the hose was on the mist type setting.

    I hope it isn't anything major, with the bike running after awhile and then turned off and the stand down fluid does run out.
  11. Have you checked your hoses and clamps?
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  12. Ha strangely enough I have not, any in particular that I should check?
  13. All of them. If you think it might be coolant it could be running out through a worn hose, they usually go at or near the clamp stress point.
  14. Alright well I will give the hoses and clamps a thorough check for sure.

    Cheers for that heads up.
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    Yep my water pump on my 2009 cb400 started leaking last night , had a look in the work shop manual and it said a small bit of weeping from the bleed hole is normal when the bike is at running temperature but mine is flowing out like a stream , so just started looking for a new water pump

    Anyone had any problems with their water pump on a cb400 Vtech
  16. I've got a 2009 model with 25k on the clock. No issues so far with the water pump or coolant system. Rock Solid Bike. Although finally needed a new battery this week.
  17. Mine is a 2009 model but only had 6,000Ks on it when I bought it 12 months ago it's now got 32,866Ks on it and this is the only problem I've had with it.
  18. Yep, I replaced a pump which was weeping from the vent hole, forming a small pool on the ground sometimes. The new one wept for a while but not as bad. Seems fine now. If yours is streaming out there's a good chance the shaft seal is shot and needs renewing, I was told they are not rebuildable. If you go genuine, make sure you're sitting down when you ask for the price, I went aftermarket.