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1996 ZX-6R Charging System Problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by droy333, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Well I've upgraded and its been going well. Went for a nice hard ride in the mountains today with a mate and half way through it my bike starts playing up.

    It starts cutting out and dieing (like it wasnt getting enough fuel), then it would come good for a moment but as soon as I let the rev's drop below 5000 rpm it would cut out.

    Pulled over and checked it out. It wouldnt start now, it was making the infamous no charge in the battery clicking noise. How would this be possible I was thinking. Took the seat off and the negative battery terminal was loose. Did it up. Checked all the fuses, all were fine except 1 which was somewhat out and had oxidization on it.

    Roll started it, it idled there happily for a while till I put my gear back on. Gave it the usual couple of rev's and it was feeling like the same problem dieing off.

    Took off and only got so far down the road before some fellow bikers came out and offerred me to leave it at their place (i know sounds dodgie but they were nice.. owned there own houses and owned several bikes worth far far more than mine).

    Now the fuel tap only works on reserve so I'm thinking there could be a problem with the fuel system or maybe the charging system but I'm not sure.

    I have to pick the bike up somehow tomorrow (which I'm not sure how I'm going to do but yeah it always works out) so any suggestions on what it could be would be welcome.

    Another question.. could it be a vacuum problem? The bike was running fine till a week ago when I noticed a hiccup at 7500 rpm.

    Sorry for the long post.. thanks in advanced.

  2. Was it cool and humid when you were having problems?

    If it was, your carb's were probably freezing up. I get the same problem on the missus's 98 ZX6R. Click here, and here, and here, and here, and here for more info.
  3. actually it was fairly cool and the temp guage WAS lower than normal while riding but I'm not too sure if it was that cold.

    It was a fairly warm day but the sun had gone down.
  4. hmmm i wasnt being gentle on the throttle. One particular point when it first really screwed up was kicking it back to 2nd got to 10,000 rpm and it spluttered.

    It did seem to like the high rev's better. I just dont think it would have been cold enough for that to happen. Then again I could be wrong... I was pushing the bike in my gear (Sweating like a mofo) and when I took my helmet off and sat it on the ground it fogged up almost right away with alot of moisture.

    I live on the gold coast but I remember it being fairly cold (not freezing) so I spose that is an option.

    It did idle no problems though after the first time I roll started it.
  5. Looks to be a charging system problem...

    Jump started the bike and it ran fine for a little while but then died out again. Put jumpers on it and charged it up for a little while and got it to the inlaws place since they'd be closer to where I can get someone to test the charging system. Reseated the rectifyer and I got there fine but I did charge it for much longer.
  6. Basically now I need to know how to test the charging system. I'm handy with a multimeter and not afraid to poke around. Can anyone give me instructions on how to tell which component has failed.

    The rectifier didnt catch on fire or anything so I'm lost. I have a german manual for my bike but its not too much help.

    Any help on testing the rectifier and stator/alternator would be good.


    6 Pack in it for anyone thats local that can test it and tell me for sure whats not working.... any 6 pack you prefer.
  7. meh. took it to pro kawasaki. Guy checked out the charging system. Seems like it is charging. Could be a battery problem or fuel problem.