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1996 HONDA RVF 400 (LAMS) inc RWC

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Hartski, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. Hello fellow Netriders.

    Im heading OS for an extended trip in a few months, and will be off my restrictions by the time I return so up for sale is my beloved Honda RVF400. Immaculate condition. If you have done your research on these bikes you will know they are unbelievable.

    I am the third netrider in a row to own this bike, so you can be assured its been well looked after. Starts first time every time. Goes hard. Fastest LAMS bike around. Has been well cared for as the photos show, and certainly does not look or feel its age.

    I've only had it since January as I outgrew my 250 and couldnt resist this bike once I saw it in the flesh. I have receipts for a good service history, including a dyno tune where it put out impressive numbers. I actually ended up getting a work car about a month after buying it so has only been out on weekends, always kept under cover. Never ridden in rain. Just changed the oil and filter. Rego is due in mid October.

    Front Tyre New (Less than 1000K's)
    Rear Tyre still good.
    Full Morawaki Twin Zero exhaust (Road worthy)
    Rim tape, and various removable stickers.
    Tinted Windscreen
    Comes with A RWC.

    Included in sale is the Original exhaust, Original windscreen, Center Stand, Haynes Manual. Reciepts and paper work/service history.


    Just testing the waters before I put it on other (cough) motorbike sale sites

    Would love to see it go to another netrider. Make an offer. Bike is located Eastern suburbs of melbourne, 15 mins from the city.

    Email: nathan@byhart.com.au

    Please dont PM me on here, send me an email or text me at 0402 903 658.

    Thanks for looking,









    More Images located at

    Also, I created a video walk around. It can be viewed at http://youtu.be/ypVqxvhqdRs

    Sale thread from previous owner with pics.
  2. Looks like you've kept it in It's fantastic condition Nathan!

    As the previous owner, I can vouch for this bike 100%
    Honestly a fantastic example of THE best lams bike you cab buy.

    Whoever buys this will never regret it.... I'm sure it won't last long on here, let's keep it in the netrider network ;)
  3. Thanks Mate

    Honestly my only regret is that I didnt spend enough time riding her. As you can see in total I only put about 1,800K's in total on the clock. Work and other less important commitments got in the way of having fun......I really hope the next owner loves this bike as much as I do.
  4. I like it.

    What a funny windscreen!

    Will swap hugs?

  5. Hugs + spooning and you have a deal.
  6. Can i be the little spoon?
  7. Yes.

    Serious enquiries from here on in please, if your wondering if this bike will 'fit' you. I would recommend checking one out at a dealer before seeing this one. I work long hours and am generally pretty busy, im happy to assist any one I can and answer all questions. However, if you are not planing or seriously consider buying it, please dont waste my time.

    kind thanks.
  8. Deposit taken.

    Was road worthy'd today. Looks like it will be gone by the end of next week

    Cry, cry, cry.......
  9. Bike is now sold.
  10. Congrats on the sale. I can now feel free to post this:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  11. Congrats dude! Hopefully it continues with such enthusiastic owners :) I still look at the pics and drool btw haha Such a cool bike..

  12. Went to a first time road bike owner. Last words to him as I watched him ride off, "dont kill it"

    That pic is hilarious and I think some one else may have posted it before?
  13. If someone can point me to that post, I'd appreciate it. Heck, I almost would have bought your bike for this reason alone.
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