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1996 Honda NSR250 MC28 SE

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  1. foxmcscrooge submitted a new Showcase Item:

    1996 Honda NSR250 MC28 SE

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  2. Nice work. Just in the process of a 21 for myself. If you ever consider selling, please let me know
  3. Nice! Bring that down here to Mexico and you'll have to paint it brown and hide it in a cupboard!
  4. Awesome! I used to own a '95 SE, absolutely ripper bikes, wish I still had it..
  5. Will do Al. Having said that after the money and time I've put into this bike, I can't see myself selling it in a hurry. 21 is a good choice. So much easier and cheaper to derestrict. It shares most of it's parts with the 28. It's a better handling bike as well. I was offered a 21SE with this bike when I bought it. I should have grabbed them both.

  6. Not too many 28s around in Aus. The HRC colours were on the 95SP as far as I know. That and the 96 Repsol are the rarest.
  7. I don't have any digital pics, but i'll scan one later on (when I'm at home) and post it up. Really should never have sold it... If only I knew how rare they would be.
  8. Lookjs really good. Excellent work. Loved the Old Rothmans livery also. But very well done on the restoration.