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1996 Honda CBR600f

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by chickibabe, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,
    Im selling my beloved bike, due to upgrade=D>

    1996 Honda CBR600f
    Kms: 33, 000
    always serviced and maintained
    Im the 2nd owner
    Have all history to bike from new
    has good tyres
    Rego july 2011
    Be a great upgrade bike
    Comes with custom tank cover bagster ( same Colours as tank)
    Ventura Rack
    Sheepskin seat Cover
    Plus all paper work
    Bike runs great and is in good condition
    $4000 or near offer

    Any questions please email or call me on 0410517972


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  3. Sorry I forgot add price, but it is there now. LOL
  4. Shame it's not LAMS.
    Wifey likes it, a lot.
  5. bugger would be a great bike for her, they are so easy to step up to from a lams bikes.
  6. Yeah, nice bike indeed. Good luck with the sale chikibabe.
  7. Hi Guys,
    My bike is still forsale, Ive decided to put on consignment in a bike shop, Im not sure if I can add the info for were it is (still waiting for vic to get back to me). So If you need finance they are able to help with this. please email me if you would like that info.
    Cheers Lou
  8. vic's gone and jason's barely here
  9. Jason is here quite a bit now but tweaking things in the background, and yes, u can add where the bike is, just cant mention external websites, and yes, Vic has left ages ago
  10. I know rego is due soon so Im going to lower the price to $3700. If I cant sell for that I'll just put another 12 months rego on it, And I can have 2 honda's sitting in the shed. LOL, Magoo would be really happy then. NOT
    If you need to know anything you might be better off calling me, as I dont get time to check emails all the time.
    Test rides are welcomed, but have cash up front, you drop it you own it.
  11. Sold.
    Thanks for all the questions guys, but she has a new home now.
  12. Congrats, chickibabe !!!
    Great news - well done.

    Thread now being closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.