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1995 YZF600R - gotchas?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Hi again all

    (usual thanks for being here and sharing opinions and putting up with my fickleness in terms of what I'm looking at)

    As chronicled elsewhere, I'm looking closely at a brand new SV650S in Melbourne for $7700+ORC. But with the ORC and delivery to Brisbane I wouldn't get out of it under a bit over 9 grand.

    In chatting to the local Suzuki dealer to see if they're willing to meet or beat that price (no firm answer but probably not), they also have a 95 YZF600R in good nick, sub 50k km, for $4999. It's fully faired, has a Staintune and a rack and bag (things I'd be wanting and would have to add to a new bike) and actually has a bit more upright seating position than the faired SV.

    Say fiscal responsibility sets in and I want to pay half the money. Obviously I'm getting a much older bike, but are there any nasties you know of with the YZF? Any pluses, experiences, whatever?

  2. Great bikes. I have the '96 yzf 750 (which uses the old fairing design), and the '96 yzf 600 has a much more modern look to it. I have a few friends who ride them and they are very reliable all round (I've had short stints on them, and they are nice and straightforward to ride). Most parts are generic across other yamaha models and relatively easy to source. Also given that the current yzf600 has not changed for more than 10 years is a good sign that it is a good bike all round.

    As you said you would be getting a much older bike, and you may also want to think about resale - a brand new bike will be much easier to sell in (as an example) 5 years time, whereas the '96 model would then be a 16 year old bike which may be getting a bit 'on'.

    Hope that helps...

    {editted to remove incomplete sentence. Boz}
  3. Thanks for that, that's very reassuring. Agreed, the resale is an issue... but on the other hand the older bike has already done most of its depreciation. The other thing is that if I get the job I'm going for I'll be putting 1000 km a week on any bike I get, so whatever it is it's not going to be worth a heap in 6 years. Still thinking, but what I see in the reviews is encouraging too.
  4. I have the 96 model
    Its done very short stints around town
    Many trips down to Melb & several trips down to Rosedale / Sale, the Island, & recently GOR.

    Runs like a dream, has a nice sweet spot sitting on 130 - 140
  5. Fire a PM off to JJ (Iffracem), Bravus.

    He was the happy owner of a Thundercat until it came to grief on an oily bridge. :cry:

    He can tell you all about it!
  6. Ta, will do: I've already found several posts with him singing its praises with a search of the forums!
  7. #7 Iffracem, Jun 14, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    singing!!! just call me a welsh warbling mobile phone salesman!!!
    ( 2ceI20TrXGA[/media]] LOOK HERE )

    The cat will be resurrected!!!

    Mines a '97, dunno if they are ex-sackery the same (check the photos in my "garage")

    But you can't go much wrong, bullet proof motor, mines done just under 100,000, no probs, Muttly traded his in at around 125,000, no probs either. Some had an issue with clunky 1st-2nd shifting, but if its a real hassle, after market shift pawl and spring fixes that.
    I rode it from Hobart to Bris, bloody comfortable.

    Good range with 18.5 litres to the tank, more tractable than the R6 that replaced it, witha flatter torque curve and less "peak", but even with my 110 kg's on board it made new SV650's eat dust at Symmonds plains on a Cornering and braking course.

    And they're still being sold brand new in the US, says something.

    Come around, bring a beer, I could talk to you about thundercats till your comatose!!!
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the YZF600R wasn't built until 96?

    Prior YZF600 model was the "G" and it was not the thundercat.

    I had a 94, and it was comfy for a sports bike, a bit heavy for a 600 but really no more than others of the day. Power was ok, but have to rev it like most 600's to get the most out of it.
  9. I gave up on that same BTX deal for the same reasons - and the addition grand of insurance on top. For a Vic person it'd be a good deal though.

    As such I checked out some insurance prices and will be looking for something different.

    I owned a YZF600R and it was a great bike for me - be a sports tourer at best these days but then was a current spec race rep....

    Funny how times change.
  10. Hi slow, Caboolture motorcycles gave me a $9200 ride away price on a new SV if that is a temptation you wanna revisit.

    Good to hear Iffracem, and a search of the forums led me to old posts of yours on the subject too.

    This one is being kinda referred to both as an R and a G, which I don't think is right, but it looks the goods. When I go back seriously and test ride it I'll be watching for issues with the 1st-2nd transition, since that seems to be the one major hassle they have.
  11. No surprise that XXXX are SO desperate to offload a 2003 one to me for $7999 + taxes then isnt it. Here - borrow it for the weekend and bring it back monday. How nice..... now whats the story behind being so friendly?

    As far as caboolture motorcycles go, thats actually a really good deal.

    The other thing about the SV that seems to keep popping up is every owner I speak to points out that the motors are noisy.

    Makes me lean more to TRX or Ducati Monsters. Then when you find out a ducati monster costs less than half as much to insure.....
  12. Oh... another couple of things with the 600R.

    1) There seems to be a few FZR1000 Fox eye headlight doing the rounds pretty cheap..... Worth considering too. Sweet power delivery, low seat, very strong and stable.

    You may develop an unhealthy thirst for fresh back tyres though... dunno how that fits in with your budget.

    2) Very early YZF600R's (1994 only IIRC) had crank and rod problems and there was a minor redesign. How much of that was the first ones going to racers is anyone's guess.

    3) I had the teal blue with purple wheels and it looked sweeeeeeet as.

    4) I learnt to pull 3 gear wheelies and rolling stoppies on that baby. So R6 they may not be, but If I could only stretch to those sort of dollars I certainly wouldnt be dissapointed with one.
  13. Saw a cool dyno curve from the first R6 and the YZF from the same year that showed that, although the R6 had the highest peak on the curve (the headline number) that peak was very narrow and the YZF was above it all the way everywhere else, and by as much as 12 bhp in the midrange. Usable power.
  14. I had the 95 Thundercat and it was the bike that made me decide that I only wanted a Yamaha from that point on.

    They have to be one of the most underrated bikes around. The only reason I got rid of it was because they offered me such a sweet deal as a trade-in on the FJR1300. Problem is the wife prefers the Thundercat.

    The second gear has always been the issue with these bikes but it seems you either have the problem or you don't. I never had a problem with it dropping out of second into neutral but there are plenty of people who did and the remedies range from how you shifted into second to begin with to which oil you used.

    My main issue was the valve shims that had to be checked at every service and it always seemed 5 had to be replaced (no matter which mechanic I took it to).

    I'm not sure if I'll hold onto the FJR after the Mrs and I do our GOR tour in October. If I decide to get rid of it and was offered a YZF600R like the one you're describing, I'd buy it in an instant. They really are a fantastic bike.
  15. Cool stuff Greg... I think I've pretty much decided that's the way I'm going, assuming that the bike is still there when my finance comes through and that nothing horrible happens with second when I test ride it. Seems like the YZF might be a bit like the Spada - pretty much everyone who has owned one is glowing about it.
  16. I can definitely say the shift issue (IF that bike has it) can be fixed with parts from the US,

    And that later models had no issue with shims, mine will be checked when rebuilt, if they need doing, it'll be approx 60,000k's from the last time

    Gromit tried to buy one when he upgraded from the manbag, but the owner changed his mind about selling... seemed he liked it too much :cool:

    The only thing I didn't like about the bike is the need to drop the lower fairing to do a service properly, the oil filter is a simple screw on, but is a beeaatch to get to with the fairing in place.

    My cat will become either nekid, or semi nekid , your welcome to all the spare body bits if you get a yzf600.

  17. Same question but for the 750. There are a couple of those for the same money as the 600, and I'm tempted. More power and better suspension and brakes, what's not to like?
  18. Not much wrong with the 750. You get more power, better suspension, no cermaic liners. Other than that it's basically the same bike.

    I've seen a few very good ones recently. Nice one at team moto enoggera on Saturday Morning, 31,000 on the clock. Didnt get a price because I wasnt there for that...
  19. "better suspension" depends on what you're using it for. If you're going to go hard, do track days, then yeah, the 750 might be better, but if you're going to travel on typical crap Oz rodes, do a fair few K's, and pillion, then the 600's so called "soft" and very adjustabvle suspension is arguably the better choice.

    As for brakes, my '97 has the same big 4 pot "blue spot" calipers that the thunderace and early R1's had, a 600 with performance litre bike brakes....I doubt you'd get better in that age group.

    Up to you Bravus, only you know what sort of bike you need, everyone else isadvising based on our own paradigms, none of the bikes discussed here will let you down \:D/
    (PS, love your disclaimer :applause: )
  20. Thanx mate. Still keeping an open mind, but also pretty much going crazy and looking at YZF1000s and ZX9Rs on eBay as well... meh, it will be resolved one way or another in the next couple of days: I'll get the loan or I won't, and if I do there are a couple of things I'll bid on, and I'll get those or I won't, and if I don't there are a couple of things on bikesales and at a dealer I'll look at...

    Could end up with any of a range of sporty-but-tourable fully faired machines. (Did look at one TRX, like slow_suzuki ended up on, but it's my least favourite of the things on offer. There's a totally sweet blinged up Thunderace, though, that might get a bid...