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1995 CBR600 F3 Scrambler

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Ralf76, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. IMG_1982.JPG IMG_2004.JPG IMG_2037.JPG IMG_2095.JPG Hi Guys

    I'm in the process of converting my 95 CBR600 F3 into a matt black scrambler , I started first with removing the fairing , installing an LSL handlebar riser kit , still working on installing aftermarket head light and speedo , screaming demon black muffler , here are some pics .
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  2. This could be an interesting project to watch.

    Are you intending to actually use it on the rough stuff? - lots of gravel roads & the like?

    Don't lose sight of the fact you still have road bike geometry. This can be changed, a little, if you intend to use it as a scrambler to "do a bit of dirt" or are you after a cosmetic change only?

    Keep us posted.
  3. I have a drz400e for the serious dirt but I wana give the CBR a go on the softer stuff , I know , the suspension on the cbr will be at a serious disadvantage on the dirt.
    Will see if the tyres will improve , looks would be great thats for sure .
    How about sand dunes ? rekon big fun .
  4. Short Trail will be your enemy in sand, and on loose surfaces generally. A larger front wheel is a good idea. There is a reason why trail bikes have them. It's not just about suspension travel.
  5. IMG_2116.JPG IMG_2117.JPG IMG_2116.JPG IMG_2117.JPG IMG_2126.JPG
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  6. More updates on the CBR project .