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1994 zzr250 Fairings

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by kransky.dan, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. hi all,
    got a major service done on friday, but when they took my already cracked fairing off, unfortunately they were not careful enough and when riding home on the freeway i was this red this fly by me in my mirrors. Got home had a look and sure enough, a piece (size of my fist) is missing, BUGGER :(

    1) Any way was wondering if anyone knows the price of replacing a fairing? it is the left side.

    2) How much is it to do the whole lot?

    3) Also whats cheaper, replacing them all and painting the tank or replace the side and try and match the colour?

    Thank all.

  2. I wouldn't give up on what you've got. The side fairings are around $700 each new on the 2002 ZZR. I had a couple of cracks repaired in mine (bike fell on its side) and including decal save and respray cost $350. When i dropped my fairing off the guy was working on a set of ZZR fairings that had had a serious encounter with the back of a truck. The guy explained to me how he was have to rebuild to cover missing pieces, including some of the mounts. I'm no engineer so don't know the equivalent to new characteristics of plastic welding, but is worth checking. Ask around (dealers are sometime helpful) and find a decent plastic welder.
  3. We sell full new ZZR250 fairing sets (painted), including the screen and delivery for $1100. You may be able to fix yours but plastic welding is never as strong as a new fairing so they may break again, especially if it is in a highly stressed area. If you can get it fully repaired and painted for $350 that might be your best bet, unless the rest of your fairings are damaged also.

    Good luck with it, if you want any info send me a PM. :)