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1994 RVF400 for sale

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Quo Vadas, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. 1994 rvf400


    1994 RVF400
    Rego -1A3FT
    Registered until November 2011
    Under warranty until May 2011
    $8600 with RWC - $8250 without
    LAMS approved

    I’m selling my bike as it’s time to upgrade.
    Always kept under cover and has low klms. Reliable and still under warranty until May 2011. Has a carbon TSR racing oval muffler that produces an awesome deep, raspy note. Upside down forks and a bulletproof V4 engine that hasn’t missed a beat and runs beautifully.

    Comes with a whole heap of extras as listed and is in A1 condition and ready to go. Bike has been serviced, has been cleaned meticulously and goes like a rocket. (Fastest LAMS bike)

    Comes with:
    HEL Braided lines
    Custom rear tail and paint scheme
    LED slimline indicators
    New brake pads
    rear suspension raised to improve steering geometry and gives higher seat height
    New fork seals and bushes
    Re-upholstered leather seat
    New spark plugs

    Full service done recently including valve clearances, carbs balanced, full fluid change etc. Bike is in A1 mechanical condition. Service history included.
    Bodywork is in excellent condition and the custom tail section and stock front end make this bike a real turner and unique RVF.

    Bike also comes with; OEM - tool kit, ducktail, rear sets, stock muffler, clear windscreen, coolant reservoir, brake reservoir, tool kit, brake lines, front and rear indicators and re-upholstered pillion seat. Haynes service manual and single side paddock rear stand.

    Bike is located in Melbourne. Contact me via PM or 0410 437 101 for viewing/more details.






  2. Wow...didn't expect you to sell this little beauty.

    Seen it in person it is definitely as described.

    So what are you getting next Damian?
  3. Hi Phong.

    I don't have room for 2 bikes so this one has to go. Already had a couple of enquiries which is nice - just see how things go.

    Tossing up between a gsx-R1000/750/600, Daytona 675 or a CBR1000/600. Just going to ride some bikes and see which one suits me. Decisions, decisions.............. :)
  4. At this rate there won't be any bikes left in the work car park. We'll have to develop a passion for Civic Hybrids or something. :tantrum:
  5. Quo what about the 848 :)
    I like the way the rear brake reserve looks in person, looks very techno. Honda need to make more single side swing armed bikes. Afaik they have this and the current cb1000r.
  6. Depending how much effort you wanted to go to, VFR750/800 single sided swingarms can be attached to VTR Firestorms and RC51's and whatever really with the right amount of preparation.
    I saw once a guy who did the conversion on his Firestorm and made CNC designs of all the necessary parts to make it a relatively simple bolt on exchange. And with the Viffers being rather big, heavy touring bikes the swingarm is unlikely to break under the stress of a sportsbike.

    I did see an 848 ride past yesterday while I was walking to the shops, and I absolutely love the sound, and the look of the back end.. not 100% sold on the front though. I'd prefer much bigger headlights like the 'fox eyes' on an RC51

    Goodluck with the sale, hope it goes to someone who'll look after it properly.
  7. The 848 is just wayyyy to hard to commute on and in all honesty, i think if I'm going to get a Ducati, it will be the 1198 =P~

    Rode a K8 today and nearly wet my pants........................mmmmmmm, so good.
  8. Forgot about those also being sss too.
    I can imagine but it still looks p0rn/horn/corn :)
    I also rode a 05 modded gsxr1000 as you put it pant wetting power everywhere.
  9. ^^ The 848's are horn looking but the price tag and useability of the bike for me just didn't add up.
    Hopefully my RVF will go to a good home and I can get something else.

  10. Sale price has been adjusted with a price including RWC and a price without.

    Giddy up.
  11. Bike is now sold.
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