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1994 RF900R Manta Ray FS

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Hicksey11, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. (bike located in Wagga Region)
    Hi Guys

    I am currently in the position where I do not have the time to ride or repair my bike. So I need to sell.

    The bike is a 1994 RF900R 'MantaRay' LTD ED. #25 of 75

    The bike it self in in not bad condition but the front fairing do have a few cracks in them from being dropped at approx 30km/h.
    The bike has approx 36,000km and has rear LED indicators, Aftermarket exhaust and a fairly new battery (purchased in last 8 months).

    The bike has no rego but really the only things need for RWC would be fairing fix and it has a tiny fuel leak somewhere but I do not have the time to find out where. It may just be a perished fuel hose.

    It would make a good project for someone to either turn back to original state or an awesome streetfighter.

    Im only asking $1500 for it but if someone came and took it of my hands this week I will do it for $1000 but no less.

    Its a good price for a bike that still has a lot of potential.

    I will include pics in the next 2 days but If you have any questions please ask.
  2. I loved these things when they first came out, sounds like a good project for somebody.
  3. bugger! I'm in the process of offloading possessions at the moment. If I wasn't I'd have it. The best sporty sports tourer from the mid 90s
  4. Yeah for the times I rode it, it was mainly big trips and it was very comfortable.
  5. This is quite a nice looking old touring bike, what colour is it????
  6. :worthlesspics:

    might know someone interested
  7. Hey Guys

    Its Green with Gold stickering.

    I have been very busy at work atm and every time I go down to the storage shed it is dark and I cant get a good photo. I have tomorrow off so here's hoping.


  8. kinda tempted...
  9. OK Guys

    Here are the Photos. My apologies that they took this long, but like I said I have been working really long hours of late.

    You will notice that the right fairing is off. I have it and all the screws etc, it only off cause I started to tinker but only managed to take the fairing off haha..


    Thanks, Xave
  10. oh my that's lovely!
  11. Are you really only asking $1500 for it?

    Thats insane!!!

    Stupid lams.
  12. Still really keen to see it gone guys.

    Just think with a bit of work this bike could look very similar to the orange one.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.