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1994 Ducati M600

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Marick, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Recently bought a 1994 Ducati Monster 600, and the bike arrived the other day. Overall its in very good condition, but the restoration work done to it is a little haphazard and needs to be re-done.

    Just feeling a little overwhelmed as there are cables, hoses, leads, bolts, spacers etc etc everywhere in boxes but on the bike. Which leads me to figure out where to begin.

    The plan is to restore the bike and re-create an immaculate Ducati M600 from the ground up. Braided hose, cabon fibre, respraying the tank, cowl, swimgarm, footrests, and modifying the bike to dual front calipers are all on the cards at this stage.

    So where to begin...Ive decided that I just need to strip the bike down to indivdual components to see where Ive got and what Im replacing and start from there.

    Not my first project, but certainly the most daunting for me.
  2. maybe a workshop manual???

    please keep us updated on this as its exactly what i was hoping to be doing at the moment for my gf and i'll be really interested in how you go...
  3. Shall do. At the moment the bike is a manky red but Ive attached a pic of the general idea of what the bike will end up looking like.

    Will post some pics of what Ive got now and how it progresses. Tomorrow will be the initial strip down and thorough inspection to figure out which was is the best to proceed.

    This is a list of the modifications that Im looking at to achieve the look of the bike above.

    Tank resprayed metallic charcoal

    Rear cowl resprayed metallic charcoal

    Swing-arm resprayed satin charcoal

    Footrests resprayed satin charcoal

    Frame resprayed satin grey

    Triple clamp top/bottom resprayed dark charcoal

    Rims resprayed satin charcoal

    Clutch cover resprayed dark grey

    Generator cover resprayed dark grey

    Valve and other engine covers resprayed dark charcoal

    Dual Brembo brakes front, charcoal with Brembo polished silver

    Braided brake, clutch lines

    Floating brake/clutch cylinders by Rizoma

    Clutch slave by Rizoma

    Rear brake cylinder by Rizoma

    Rizoma front and rear indicators

    Carbon fibre under seat fairing, mudguard, rear hugger

    Carbon fibre ram air intakes

    All engine bolts replaced (bolt kit)

    All fasteners replaced (fasnener kit)

    Wavy front and rear brake discs

    All hoses replaced with braid where possible

    Retro Ducati lettering on tank in titanium plate

    Titianium rear sprocket nuts

    New front and rear sprocket

    Black chain

    Carbon fibre replacement rear tail

    Sprocket cover replaced with billet cover

    New grips, Rizoma bar ends, Rizoma mirrors

    Replacement headlight

    Misc polishing of engine parts (engine already sprayed)

    Pretty sure there are some things Ive missed but the list Ive got so far will take some time to get down and cost me a mini fortune.

    Just bought it, should be here next week. Couldnt find any manuals online in Australia, and none in english online to download.

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  4. welcome to italian bikes....
  5. Heh, have wanted one of these for a very long time. The VTR250s I had looked great but they just werent the real deal.
  6. Mods seem cosmetic, any thoughts about changes in performance?
    I've heard older Ducatis are mostly overgeared, and the 600 really responds well to a lower final drive ratio to make the most of its spread of power in regular day-to-day.
    I would go bananas to really lighten it as much as possible, even to the extent of a two-into-one exhaust. Sure the Monsters were firstly stripped down Ducati SS (I think its a 888 frame??), so making them lighter than what the factory did might be hard (what can you take off a Monster that it doesn't need??).
  7. My experience level is very much limited to the cosmetic mods, though I would love to consider modifying the bikes performance. Have been bookmarking vids on Youtube covering various performance mods for the 600.

    Adding the second brake caliper/disc to the front is going to increase the unsprung weight of the bike, so again would certainly consider investing in lightening the bike. I suspect that overall though Im increasing the weight, even if marginally, with the cosmetic mods above. I looked over my list and realised there are a few things missing.

    A lot of this is going to be trial and error. While Ive got mental images the ongoing look will probably change a bit as I stick bits on only to remove them. My costing so far has blown out to about $5500 which is probably too substantial to be spending on a bike of this vintage, with the expectation that I wouldnt make that back at sale.

    Still thinking.
  8. Diving in the deep end there - good luck! Have you tried a dealer for a *gasp* paper manual? If you've bought a bike in boxes you'll need a good reference.

    Is it currently running and rideable? If not, can I suggest making that the first goal? After spending up big on cosmetic mods, you don't want to be caught with a bike need ing expensive mechanical repairs. Presumably there was a reason it was taken off the road for restoration in the first place.

    Note this is all classic "do as I say, not as I do" advice.
  9. Started some basic work on the bike today. Braiding the wiring loom with black Techflex, with a lot of the hoses also being braided in chrome Techflex.

    Started to degrease the engine and the silver paint just started peeling away so its going to need a lot more work to get all of the paint out of the tight little areas.

    Did some test painting of the rear brake mount in satin black VHT paint. Came out nice so have prepped a few other pieces which will be painted tomorrow.

    Will be trying my hand at some DYI sode blasting in the morning to see if I can strip the paint from some of the metal. If this works I'll start soda blasting the engine.

    Frame, tank, rear cowl, footrests and triple clamp yokes will be going in to be resprayed on Monday. Following on from that the rims and brake calipers will be done next.

    Having fun so far. Just gotta figure out how it all goes back together.

    Got my manual though its gonna take some working out to figure out what is what. The bike was running, but hasnt been started in a long time. Pulled the crankcase off today and everything looks nice. But thats from an inexperience viewpoint.

    Cutting back on some of the cosmetics just to reduce the overall spend. Waiting on a new set of engine bolts, brand new replacement fasteners, and a new seat cover to arrive. Once the frame, tank/cowl, footrests and yokes come back from being painted I'll actually start to feel like Ive got this underway.

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  10. Sprayed the seat arc, headlight bracket and suspension linkage satin black. Came up very nice.

    After a lot of stripping got all the paint off the tensioner covers and sprayed them gloss black, though I think I might need to add a clear over the top to bring out the gloss.

    A diligent night at work and got all of the wiring loom braided with Techflex.

    After a tedious session of cleaning back the paint off the engine Ive given in and elected to have the whole thing soda blasted. Will be dropping it off on Wednesday and hopefully will start the polishing and painting later this week.

    Still a long way to go.

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  11. Mate, you've done a lot in a few short weeks. I can't nail two bits of wood together, so I appreciate the ability you have.
  12. Thanks mate. It would help if I knew how it all went back together, but thats where the fun will actually start.
  13. Hi, just found the forum.
    I'm in the same saddle, I'm just starting trying to get my M600 on the road, I imported it from overseas and it hasn't been started in nearly 15 years, I think the regulator/rectifier is stuffed and I may have buggered the new too.
    Where have you been buying your parts? I have only found reasonably priced parts from the UK, I tried a Melbourne mob (feel violated by their pricing) and there aren't many Monsters in wreckers that I have found either. I would really appreciate any tips for parts buying you might have? By the way your Monster looks to be coming along nicely.
  14. Hi,

    You could try http://bikeboy.org/ for new parts. Also a post on http://www.ducatimonsterforum.org/index.php?board=52.0 might help you find used parts. Occasionally you'll see wreckers listing Monsters on eBay.

  15. Bug276- before a moderator sees- go and post an intro in the new rider section.
  16. Stripped the bike down to the images below. Just a whole mess of bolts and bits. A lot of the parts that arrived with the bike were in a multitude of bags and boxes so I figured I'd add to that, and also sticktake what Ive got and what Im missing.

    Sent the tank, cowl, footrests, frame and yokes off to get sprayed and should have them back in a week or so. Have been doing some painting of various bits. Also got the engine back from being soda blasted. Very happy with the result. Prepped today to be cleaned down for painting.

    New engine bolts arrived, just waiting on the new seat cover (seat is already sporting some new foam) and a fastener kit. There is grease on everything so piece by piece its all going through the process of degreasing, cleaning and re-greasing where needed.

    Looks like I need a new clutch as the time it would take to clean and restore the existing one is beyond me.

    Not a lot of pretty yet...but Im very happy with how everythings coming along.

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  17. Cheers GeorgeO, I've posted in the intro section , I'm checking out the parts sites listed too.
    Money for soda blasting is a bit tight right now, anyone got any ideas for less expensive engine cleaning?(please don't say degreaser, that's a given)
  18. My engine cost me $140 for the cleaning. I guess it depends on how much needs to be clean paint/grease etc
  19. Gotta admit, I was expecting an engine clean to cost more. I might reconsider the soda blasting. Thanks for the information.