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1993 Honda Fire Blade

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  1. Guzzimk2 submitted a new Showcase Item:

    1993 Honda Fire Blade

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  3. Love the old fireblades, the colour schemes are sooooooo 90's! This one would have been around the time honda were turning the CR250 and 500 moto x bikes out with hot pink plastics!!
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  4. I had several, a 94 Tiger Blade and wish I still had it. Even though a very short wheelbase, they were reasonably comfortable for long days.
  5. Bring back the Hpyercolour T-Shirts and neon Oakleys....
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  6. mate that's a great looking ride in excellent condition, looks like a full on restoration has been done on it!
  7. Thanks for the comments. Yeh, the colour scheme, certainly from another time but looks the part
    and is original. Not sure about a full restoration however the plastics have been repaired at some point,
    more on the rh side so may have been laid down at some time in the past. Needs a few minor things
    to really bring it up to scratch, mainly cosmetic, but enjoying it as it is at the moment.
  8. I love the early twin round headlight model. Will definitely pick one up one day when the right one comes up.

    Do you mind me asking how much it set you back? Looks like a very clean bike considering its age.
  9. I paid $3,000. Did all the fluids and new rear brake rotor and pads when I got it home. 3 years ago now and
    have since done fork seals and regular oil change so I think I've done ok to date.
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  10. Looks very nice, most of the ones kicking around that look as good as yours want $5-6k so I think you did quite well.
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  11. I remember being a kid when these came out and totally revolutionised the sportbike mentality. I dreamed of owning one, one day! Nice bike man, you should be proud of that one.
  12. Loved my old Fireblade.
    Sold it for 2K with Chinese fairings, wish I still had it.
    I have dreams of buying her back and racing her in Premodern one day.
    In my not so humble opinion much better road going bike than my last 3 (ZX-10 2008, RSV1000 2003 and CBR600rr 2009).
    Old school cool, always got lots of looks and comments in the pits, fast classic! If I had the first one like yours I wouldn't have sold it ever.

    Look Mum one handed 50. Look Mum one handed 50.
  13. Smart looking ride , Hondamick and nice shot getting a bit of lean and a bit of attitude with the finger . As a matter of interest, you mentioned you had the Chinese fairings.
    Did you fit them yourself and how did you find them?.
  14. They were a bit of a pain to fit but not too bad. A little bit of fiddling and at $450 delivered including screen I was pretty happy. I think only at close inspection would anyone pick it.
    There was a part of the blue paint that didnt continue though from the mid/lower part of the fairing to the upper part so I hid it with a blue Michilin sticker. If I were fussy I could have got a blue rattle can and fixed it. I didn't like the tinted screen as it was hard to see though in a tuck.
    For a perfectionist I doubt they would be happy however on a budget and considering it was a 20 year old bike that cost me $1200 it fit my budget fine. As it was a track bike I kind of regret not finding race glass for it, though at least the new owner now can always put if back on the road if he wants to,