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1992 Suzuki Swift 993cc Hatch, Popping stereo fuse on start

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by drewzor, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. I purchased a 1992 Suzuki swift, it had an old stereo in it and a switch to cut off the constant power wire to the stereo. I Removed the wiring harness and the cutout switch and rewired a clarion stereo harness with an inline fuse and noise supressor on the constant power wire.

    It will work perfectly fine like this for a short while and then pop the fuse upon ignition. I have tested the voltage on the constant power wire and there seems to be a spike in voltage on ignition and I beleive this to be the cause of my problem.

    My question is what can cause such a jump in voltage on startup?
  2. could have a faulty alternator, or try a higher amp fuse
  3. check the grounding. Needs to be a good grounding point. It's a good start at least... I've made the same mistake before and blown fuses easily when the car was started up.
  4. swifts are crap for aftermarket head units. you need to re-wire the system to be its own satelite. probably why it had a dodgy switch.
    trust me. worked at SCR for many years so trust me. bloody girlfriend had one and now another one of those sh!theaps. at least she went the 1300.
  5. What's with you and tiny engined machines Drew? :LOL:
  6. Re: 1992 Suzuki Swift 993cc Hatch, Popping stereo fuse on st

    What fuse are you using? Is it rated the maximum for the headunit?

    My Clarion deck came with a 20A fuse however after some reading I realised it could go up to 35 so I put a 30A fuse in and it stopped popping. lol how annoying is it when you have to keep pulling it out to refuse it.
  7. do this.
    run a direct line from your fuse box main +ve to the main +ve on the unit with a relay that is controlled by the rem line. direct from the battery is better as it allows you to not have stuff around under the dash.
    run the permanent to the main +ve also. (this takes about .00001 amps so no probs).
    ground to the dash rail behind the unit.
    problem solved.
    send me a 6 pack