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QLD 1992 Honda XR600 - Caboolture Hospital

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by cageracer, May 12, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, my bike was stolen from Caboolture Hospital this morning just after 5am. It's a '92 Honda XR600. It has some distinguishing parts on it - a Trailtech 8" light, converted to use a road legal 7" sealed beam, a Trailtech Voyager GPS speedo, and a Keihin FCR41 pumper carb (NB - the carb has a machined adaptor permanently bonded to the throat). It also has an external oil cooler and a big fin head.

    Perp was seen talking to some people in a late model, metallic blue Toyota Yaris. He probably lives nearby, or knows someone who does. Dark, possibly black, jumper/hoodie and what I think were jeans. He couldn't start it and pushed it out of the car park and presumably down the street.

    If you hear anything or see any suspicious parts for sale please get in touch - 0415 825 096




  2. fcuking dog
    hope you get it back soon
  3. Thanks mate. I have a pic of him from CCTV but it's too blurry to be of much use and the security guys at the hospital didn't want me sharing it. I'd still love to find the bastard and introduce him to my maglite.
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  4. I hope you have the 6D model handy when you get the chance to "enlighten" him :mad:
    The amazing thing about these scumbags is: they always know " their rights" when they get caught.
  5. There was another dirt bike stolen from the carpark over the weekend, in broad daylight too. Be careful if you're visiting anyone there.