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1992 Honda CB250 not starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by OldestMagician, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Last edited: Feb 6, 2013
    Hello everyone, I got recommended this forum on another forum I frequent to help out with some troubles I'm having.

    I'll try to go into as much detail as possible.

    I bought this bike about 6 months ago and have done a little tinkering on it. I haven't done anything major, mostly cosmetic things. Including replacing the gauges with a digital one. Odo is 50k km.

    A couple of months ago I took the engine out to give it a clean and a paint as it was pretty dull. I took the right side off (the oil side), gave it a sandblast and a polish and put it back on. I also loosened the left hand side of the engine until it came loose (it wouldn't come off completely). Gave that a scraping and a polish.and put it back on. I took the alternator off just to get the engine out but didn't open it.

    I took the entire engine out and brought it upstairs (I live in units and didn't want it to go wandering) gave the whole things a wipe down with degreaser and sprayed it with heat resistant paint.

    Put it all back together, hooked up fuel lines, the electrical side of stuff and earthed it properly. Tried to get it started but it wasn't happening. I could hear something turning but wasn't 100% sure what it was, turns out it is the alternator I can hear. I don't have a spark at the plugs when I pull them out and touch them to the motor, but I pulled the alternator out again, touched it to the motor and it sparks. However it only sparks when I touch it to the side cover of the motor. It won't spark on the top half, even when I scratched some paint off.

    I have power everywhere else from what I can tell. Headlight works, indicator lights work and so does the brake light.

    I've taken a video in case that helps.

    Any help at all would be massively appreciated. I've just turned second year Electrical Apprentice, living out of home so money is very tight and I won't be able to afford to take it anywhere for a couple of months (even then, I'm not sure it would be worth the price).

    Thanks in advance, Chris
  2. just going to ask a stupid question... have you tried with the fuel tank on?
  3. Yeah I have, sorry. Before I took the spark plug out to check for a spark I also tried push starting it but had no luck.
  4. grab a can of 'start ya bastard' and spray id into the airbox/TB's (without the filter on) ans see if it fires.
    i think WD40 works similar but i will wait for confirmation
  5. Will the lack of spark cause a problem though?
  6. sorry, i missed the no spark part :)

    *thinking out loud*
    starter is spinning, and it usually uses the earth on the engine, so we can assume that the engine is earthed correctly
    the no spark indicated that either there is an electrical problem, or the engine isnt spinning.

    do you know if the engine is turning when the starter is spinning?
    if it is not, it could be the starter solenoid thingamajig not pushing the pinion gear to engage with the ring gear
  7. I can't feel anything from it and the only sound I can hear is the starter, and there's a little pop towards the back of the bike but it used to do that before.

    Where would I check for the starter solenoid?
  8. Did you ever get it going?