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1992 GPX 250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Biker Girl, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Can anyone tell me the life expectancy (as in kms) for my bike?
    I have done just over 80,000 kms.
    At what stage should I be doing a rebuild?
    What exactly does this involve? and
    Roughly how much it should cost?
    Could I do the bulk of it myself?

    Thanks for your help
  2. Your bike runs as long as its looked after, but even if looked after by 100,000 k the motor would be shot, even now its probably lost half its power due to wear and tear,

    a full rebuild wouldnt be wearth it for your bike, unless your a fan and have a classic, just try and flog yours off to some poor bastard who wants to learn and get yourself something newer

    alternatively if your motor blows up, go to a wrecker and get a second hand one put in for around $500

    you would know its on the way out if it burns oil, smokes makes a lot of noise and doent have the performanve you would expect

    are you from texas????
  3. It's not too bad on the oil, doesn't blow smoke or make any louder noise. As far as performance, I probably wouldn't know any better because this bike is the only one I've ever had. It pulls away well from the lights so I'm happy about that.
    I'd love to get another bike but $$ is an issue plus I'm not sure what I would up-grade to.
    It's great having a 250 cost-wise. The highest I'd probably go if I were to get a new bike would be a 600.
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  6. The first bike I owned was an 89 GPX250. It had over 200,000km on it and it still ran fine. The real question to ask is ... how hard do you thrash it?? If you take it easy, the bike should last quite a long time, but keep up with regular oil changes.
  7. Oh no, that's not me! Think I might have to check my details on that one, i'm definitely not a yank! :facepalm:
  8. 200,000kms!!! Far out, you gotta be happy with that.
    I've mainly used my bike as a commuter with the odd trip here and there. I don't really think I've thrashed it, maybe opened it up a bit on the open road or taken off a bit quick to get away from traffic.
    I was told that motorbikes need to rev higher and opened up a bit every now and then...is this true? I guess it isn't much different to a car.
    Any thoughts there folks?
  9. heh, you are asking now - but i'm fairly sure if you treat it right - and get it serviced when required - it'll probably last you another 50,000kms with out much of an issue..
  10. I got my 98 across when it had 37k and sold it with 44k.
    I think if yours has 80k on it the motor has either been replaced or it been realy well looked after. Continue to look after it and it will look after you.
  11. mate the GPX 250 motor has been produced by kawasaki so many times over. Although considered largely bullitproof it is also supposed to be quite disposable in the sense rebuilds on this motor never go wonderfully. Once you break the seals on this motor you will never get the right fit again with reassembly. Of course this happens to a degree with any motor and a good rebuild will minimise this, the GPX 250 motor is somethimg that is best bought and swapped as a complete unit.

    its just something about this motor.

    good luck
  12. BG, if you're really worried, at the next service, get them to do a compression test. That will give you an indication of how well the bike was looked after.

    GPX's with regular oil changes, will keep on keeping on... but there are so many variables... what about all the other bits and pieces... suspension for one...