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1992 CBR600F Info needed

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wombatclay, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Hi ya all, I just recently baught a 1992 CBR600F, I have been looking around for parts & info on it, but found none so far, if anyone knows anything about these super street machines please let me know....I baught it for $3800, it has 100,000km's on the clock, but all internals have been replaced by the bike shop, along with the cam chain, new rubber, just the fairing is a little weather damaged, & the seat has 2 big rips in it from sun damage (easy & cheap fix), so if anyone could give me a heads up on what to expect from this bike down the line, it would be muchly appreciated....Brissy rider if anyone want to shoot around on weekends......

  2. Gyday mate and welcome to Netrider!

    Congrats on the new bike. This is actually the same bike i'm looking to upgrade to once i'm finished with my little bandit so i'll be interested to hear how it is. Seeing your in Brisbane as well, i'll make sure I see how it is too! :grin:

    Can't help you with any of the other stuff sorry but i'm sure someone on here can.

    seeya on the road.
  3. she rides like a dream, great at conering & powering out, so I guess it's still classed as a good bike even for it's age!!
  4. I have a magazine lift out with 18 pages about the bike from when it was first released till 2005 I can scan it in for you tomorow if you like and email it to you
  5. An excellent buy... a real 90s classic with no problems. The 92 CBR formed the basis for the 98 Hornet so it was still a competitive package years later. Steel frame, two-pot calipers, non-floating discs and cheap-ish suspension did not stop the CBR being at or very near the top of its class until 97... and the model that replaced it was a dud.

    I remember fairing panels being quite cheap for the CBR relative to Kwaks and Yamahas, but there were more of them.

    You want to get hold of 'Grudge Match', a series of articles Perfomance Bikes magazine did in about 1996, in which a CBR and YZF6 were used to see how much could be got out of these bikes with no expense spared.

    PM me and I can copy it for you... but I have to dig it out so I might need time!