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1992 CBR250RR Major Service

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Just4fun, May 30, 2013.

  1. Hi guys. I'm new to net rider and this is my first post. :) I recently bought a 1992 Honda CBR250RR first bike and am on my Ls. It was in good running condition and I've decided to get its major service done two weeks after I bought, just so I know everything is ok with it.

    I had full major service and valve clearances done by my recommended motorcycle mechanics. Got it back today and was very low on rpm when I wa leaving the mechanic it stalled a few times. Usually I could feel when it was engaging the clutch in first and it would move forward, I found that hard to get this time round and it was stalling in neutral too. :( i was only just leaving the mechanic so I took it and he adjusted the revs from the knob on left hand side. Was revving bit higher and no stalling.

    What I did notice was it was getting a bit high in the temp gauge, more than before I took it in. Then I noticed the fan was running when I turned engine off I hadn't noticed this before.

    I'm just wondering if this is normal after a major service? Is the fan always running as I didn't notice it before? Will it take a while for bike to " run in " after major service and valve clearances.

    I'm a little concerned as it was running pretty reasonable before I took it in and now I feel like I have to get used to it all over again??? It's my first bike and am a little nervous now. What ere the warning signs that the bike my not be running as it should? My main concern is the temp at the moment....:(

    Sorry for essay, as I'm said I'm new here and I've seen alot of informative answers from you guys!!

  2. My little cbr250rr always runs hot unless its freezing outside or its going at a decent speed. Idle should be ~1500rpm when warm.

    I wouldn't be to concerned unless the fan is always on, a little while after turning the engine off is ok if you've been sitting in traffic.
  3. Ok Cool. It's just feels different riding afters is full service..... Will it take a while to run in as I don't think it had been serviced in a while, but having said that I thought it would run a lot bettered. ?? :/
  4. Disagree with the above....

    If you bought the bike and it was running, idling and generally being fine before the service and is now misbehaving and running hot then I would be investigating.

    Make sure you have all fluids on board - check oil and coolant. Cold check.

    If this is okay then monitor the bike under normal use.
    If it is still running rough take it back to the mechanic and have them inspect it.

    Good little baby blade.....look after her and she'll look after you.
  5. I'm not 100% if its misbehaving but it's running differently to before. They did valve clearances etc. gear changing feels different too. Maybe I'm not sed to it running as it should?? :/
  6. You could investigate putting in a manual switch for the fan. I've wanted to do it on my Hornet, (same engine as yours), because I know that if I'm going to sit in traffic for a while, I can flick it on early. You can implement it so that if the bike decides that it wants to turn the fan on, and the switch is of, it will still turn on.

    A simple Google will find a guide to it.
  7. I wouldn't bother about putting an in-line switch for the fan in all honesty. Your better off fixing the issue.

    After valve clearances, the bike should actually idle better than before generally.

    Do you have a printout of the work that was carried out during the major service as I would be interested to hear if the carbies were cleaned also and balanced during the major service. If they were not, get the guy to clean and balance the carbies (as this could be the cause, usually they should be balanced and will restore the bike working correctly as changes to the valve clearances mean that it will likely need a balance again i would expect). Is it smelling like petrol\etc? do you get flatspots when your accelerating where the bike sort of plateaus in power?

    As said above, idle should be at 1500RPM when the bike is WARM\at operating temperature, not when you first switch it on. Use the choke as minimal as you can, as it leaves black residue over the spark plugs from excessive fuel going in. Obviously use choke to start the bike, but dont leave it on for too long.

    My thoughts are if its running a little hot, they may not have put enough coolant in or your thermostat isn't working as it should, so check the coolant level (there is a bottle on the right hand side down below the seat which you should be able to see, see if the overflow bottle has some coolant in it.

    How hot on the gauge does it read? it should be about 3/4 up the gauge before the fan comes on. There is a thermo switch in the bottom left hand of the radiator that should have a wire connected out of it, pull that wire off and check\clean it and put it back on also. If you undo the thermo switch coolant will come out (if your unaware), so maybe just have a look and see if its old\rusty or not.
  8. Hi Guys. Thanks for the info. I was pretty frustrated after spending $550 for the major service. This cost included Major Service, New Grips, New Battery and Valve Clearances. So I have taken it to a different mechanic this morning who has been reccommended by a friend who has been riding for 20+ years and bulding race bikes.

    Took it there this morning and mechanic started it. First thing that was noticed was noise at the front on engine that only started after the majot service. Its an exhaust leak at the headers. Pretty annoyed the previous guys didnt pick this up and/ or fix it after the test ride. So that is getting sorted. Also when new grips were put on the throttle grip turns for about 2-3cm beofore even engaging the engine, another fail. So bike is running pretty flat but hopefully these guys will fix all the problems the previous mechanic created.

    I know alot of people would say why dont you take it back to previous mechanic. They couldnt get it right the first time after paying 500+ dollars so im assuming they wouldnt get it right the second time if i took it back and demanded it be fixed.

    What are everyones thoughts on ging baack there and confronting initial mechanic once i get my bike fixed and asking for some sort of reimbursement??

    The bike wasnt in this shape before i took it in. :(
  9. Where did you take the bike? sounds like a reasonable price..
    I would have taken it to Honda.
  10. I would take it back for sure. I wouldn't have dropped $500 on a service on a $1500 bike in the first place though. Learn how to service your bike on your own mate. It's the only way to know its been done properly
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  11. Taking it back to the first bloke after having someone else do the work you had done is probably pointless as you have denied him the chance to make good anything you were unhappy with. To have had either the faults fixed at no further cost, or some degree of refund, you needed to determine if the original service provider would take responsibility. Now he can argue that someone else has messed around with the bike.