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1992 cb250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by massari, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Sorry about the new thread but I was considering a different direction for my first bike. I was looking at maybe purchasing a cheaper 250CC

    Anyway I found a CB250. Apparently only 9000 km on the clock. asking price is about 2500$ Comes with RWC.

    The history is known (owner says she bought it from a friend who had it new, easily confirmed with Vcheck), she bought it at 4500 km and put new tires. I am getting her to confirm if the chian and sporks were replaced..

    Anyway if I buy it 2500$, I just need 350$ (1 yaer rego), 100$ for transfer. Is that a good deal for a 1992 CB250? Gear I already have so im not reducing money there but Im just thinking maybe this bike could work?

    I read on the internet the top speed is about 125km, so highway driving is possible. Since I commute to brisbane and its traffic i doubt going more than this would be a problem. So would 2500$ to much? Im assumig trouble free motoring for at least 10000km before starting to spend money on servcing (besides oil changes). I figure if I get a bike like this I can service it / learn how to :\

    Thanks in advance
  2. Should top above that, 135-140. It's fine at 100km/hr, much above that it starts feeling too light.

    You may never really need to take it in for service beyond the annual inspection, it's very simple and reliable.

    If the tires are new, the price is great. No differences between a 1992 and a 2008 model. (Btw with 9000kms, very unlikely it has a new chain or sprocket). I bought a 2001 model with 15K on the odo for $3700. At the time there was a 1992 going for about $2800. If I had known then what I know now, I would have bought the 92.

    Also, good choice for a first bike. No fairings, no expensive drops, no DIY messups.
  3. Agreed. That price seems to be about right. I own a '99 CB250 and it's been a good bike. Pretty much a commuter with the odd weekend jaunt!

    Never had it up to over 100k's though - sounds like a spastic beehive from 90!
  4. Has it been ridden regularly lately, bikes don't like sitting, but if the current owner has been riding it, it should be fine.

    BTW no one wants their asking.
  5. Thought I would update, did A Vcheck. The guy was bullshitting. Over 100k on the clock before restarting, numerous rego changes. Anyway got my eye on a GS500 :D