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1991 Kawasaki GPX250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Tack, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. I was wondering if someone could tell me if a 1991 GPX250 is the same bike as a 1991 ZZR250.

    It's just that I was looking for a workshop manual for the GPX and there was no listing!

    I then went to the netrider link for bike specs and found the listing for a 1991 ZZR and it looks to be the same bike......

    I know nothing about how bike series work....I wondered if it's something like cars...like Holden Commodore VB, VC, VH, VN...etc etc series. They had same engineering just different styling and different options...if that makes sense...Are bikes the same?? Or is it better to ask is Kawasaki the same as Holden with model runs or engines or whatever...lol?

    Anyway, that doesn't really matter so much just whether or not the 1991 ZZR250 is the same bike as the 1991 GPX250
  2. Quote from this link:


    "Kawasaki’s ZZR250 also sells for $7990. However you can get what is essentially the same machine, albeit with a little less bodywork and some small changes, in the GPX 250R for only $5990. For my money this is the best value 250cc machine on the market. The GPX 250R has been around for well over a decade and has changed little in that time. What it offers may not be new, but it certainly doesn’t lack anything compared to the newer opposition. The only thing the two-grand dearer ZZR offers is more bodywork and a little more weight, but the mechanical components are shared across the two models. A two year warranty provides peace of mind and if buying new you should enjoy many years of reliable and hassle free service."

    Hope this helps.
  3. yep, thanks heaps Mrblack...it's hard to find little bits of info like this for some reason....

    I thought that there would be heaps of info about all the different bikes from their proud owners on the net.....I just thought that people would be a bit more passionate about bikes and want to write about 'em....then again maybe the bike people are too busy riding and don't have time to sit down to write ....lol
  4. As far as I know the mechanicals are the same, but the frame, bodywork and wheels are different between the two.
  5. oh ok thanks spectre, hey does kawasaki put out a workshop manual for each of their bikes like car manufacturers do?
  6. I doubt Kawasaki would put one out (other than what they give their service centres), but I hear people talk about manuals put out by Clymers I think it is, there should be one for most models. Maybe check a Kawasaki dealer or a technical book shop.
  7. yeah I did check technical bookshop and they said they had listing for nearly every book that was available but there was nothing for a GPX250 so i was thinkin that i would like for a similiar bike and use its manual...thought it would show me the ropes anyway!
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  9. thanks chairman that was a nice spot, ..I put in a bid for that...nice work...

    its great being a member of netrider...so many people willing to help a newby..thanks all
  10. actually Kawasaki do put out different service manuals for the various bikes
    you can get a genuine one for the GPx and one also for the ZZR
    at your local Kawasaki dealer...mine has them on a bookstand as you enter the Spare Parts dept
    and I reckon the genuine manuals are about 200% better than the Clymer ones, so don't waste ya $

    but as someone said... check eBay for a used Kawasaki one

  11. gpx hasn't changed anything but its indicators, taillights and paintjobs since 89 (or whenever it was brought out). it has the same motor/gearbox as the ZZR but i think you'll find that just about every other part on it is different. not much different mind you, but different enough to mean you really do want to find the GPX manual and not the ZZR one :wink:

    greaat bike BTW, best bike out there for someone thats never ridden before :D
  12. I tried to get a service manual for my 1991 GPX250 back when i got it almost 2 years ago, and i was told they didn't make them for consumers, i also tried to get the "aftermarket" one but, again, they had not been made for the GPX. I gave up after 5 months of searching and kawasaki dealer trying to get me to pay $100 for a service manual that didn't quite suit my bike. Bought the riders handbook for the kwaka GPX though, bout $30 if i remember rightly.

    Not to much mehanicals in it though.
  13. The link below is to a US site (Ninja 250) which appears the same as the GPX250 we have here (they also call it GPX250 on the site) but can't guartee it is exactly the same - have a look and see what you think as it has a good section on service/repair.

    I don't think Clymer or Haynes make a manual for this.


    Good luck!
  14. I have a service manual for the GPX250. It may be for the US model, but has addendums for our one, I believe. Anyway, it's never steered me wrong, and looks exactly the same as the local bike. I've got a 94 GPX, btw.

    Here she is in 248 pages of PDF goodness:

  15. Thanks again everyone,

    I just got the bike home and I found the motorcycle owners manual under the seat....lol....so if anyone wants to know about any section of it then I'm happy to help them out......it's the least I can do for all the help I've had here....

    tenoq, Mr Black, GPX Manda, coconuts, ismith, chairman, spectre...I owe you all a beer...or a coffee...which ever you like...thanks
  16. Join us on the next Reefton (or the like) ride mate and that'll keep me happy! GPX is a bloody good bike, in my slightly-biased opinion: should treat you!
  17. :cry:

    This Sunday I've got the family gig on... dammit! And I've been waiting for one of those rides for weeks now... got a new tyre to wear in!
  18. lol...I think it will be a little while before I can ride this bike properly...I picked it up rode it about 100 metres and came to a corner and went...sh1t!!...I'm going too fast!!! ... I had to turn left ....I nearly fell off...and I was only doing about 40 k/hr...lol. Gee, u forget how to ride if you haven't been on a bike for a long time....and it feels so big and heavy...lol..anyway..I'll get used to it...

    What I have been concerned about is the noisy cam gear?...rockers??...valve train...whatever's there in the top of this thing making the valves open and shut cause it sounds really tappetty....I dunno if its normal....but if my car sounded like that I'd have the rocker cover off and have been adjusting the lash/clearence or whatever quck smart...is that what these things are like...noisy??