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1991 Honda VT250 SPADA

Discussion in 'Archived' started by jpr_88, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. Hi Guys,


    For sale is my beloved 1990* Honda VT250 Spada


    This bike is an Australian delivered model, 1990, very hard to find one that is not a grey import.

    It was previously owned by a female rider, who purchased from Motoheaven in Brighton, who have also serviced the bike.

    It has only 18,000 Km's on the clock, all major servicing has been done.

    In the time I have owned the bike it has been given a major service, and a new chain and sprockets (have receipts). It has never given me any issues and always starts first time.

    This is a great bike to learn on, and will be sorely missed. In the time I have owned the bike it has been well taken care of, and never dropped. The bike will come with RWC, 12 months registration.

    $3500 ONO

    The bike is in Burwood, Melbourne. Inspections/offers welcome. 0403 568 299 Josh.

  2. That's funny - I thought the Spada was only manufactured in 88/89?
    Regardless, they're bullet-proof and perfect for the average learner...
  3. So did I originally, I just checked my paperwork and it is actually 1990* Sorry for the error. I believe the adm Spada was released as a 90 model (according to my rego) with a few small changes such as a hardening of the gauge needles etc to cope with Aussie sun.
  4. Fair enough then - wish I'd known that, since both my needles are now glued on...
  5. BUMP, PRICE DROP, Really need to sell the bike! Great budget starter, don't spend too much on your first bike!
  6. They were. Quite possibly it is compliance date.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.