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1991 honda crm 250 r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Choofalong, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Been looking around for bikes, and one of these has popped up... http://www.crm250.com/history.asp

    It's supposed to be "ready to Rego", but hasn't been registered since 2005. Basically: I have no Idea what the process is, or even where to start!

    It's 300Km's away, so I'm guessing I'll have to look for a place nearby where it is atm: just wondering what is involved, and what costs there will be if you had a Bike that is in Good condition, but has not been registered for a few years...

    It's the last Road registerable 2-Stroke Honda made... I have no Idea what that will equate to, in riding terms, but it sounds good :p

    ... Also the usual: Is this a good bike to learn on?
  2. Sooooo... How about a rough estimate on how much it would cost to just get a RWC/Pink Slip? I am just looking for options... if I can get him to Pink/RWC first, it might cost me a bit more, but might be easier in the long run, for me :D

    Details: NSW, "Ready for Rego" and not been registered for since 2005. It does look in ok condition, from limited pictures. I just not wanna ring up suggesting something that is gonna be more trouble then it's worth; basically, if it works out, I am gonna be on the road at least a month, if not 2, faster and with a HELL of a lot better Bike the a CF MOTO Leader 150, lol
  3. Ok..ok, I get it: stop being lazy, do some research... got the basics down now!

    What I REALLY need to know though: what to look out for in this particular model; I know to check out Chains and Sprokets and Tires ( all seem good from pics, won't know til I actually SEE it though) from some of the basic guides, but I have no idea of where/whatelse to look for on this bike.

    I've pretty much got my heart set on it, atm, and even if it's not ready to Rego, I am thinking (read hoping and praying to the Bike Gods) it's gonna be close enough to not give me TOO much trouble (have read these things are pretty durable :D) and will give me a chance to learn the basics of Bike mechanics.

    Got a few mates who are Backyard mechanics on their cars who offered to look it over, and help out with any grunt work... things are looking good!
  4. There are other later model registerable 2 stroke dirt bikes available if that is what you want. I suppose if the crm is seriously cheap it might be worth giving it a go. These kinds of bikes are crap on the road though so it depends on what sort of riding you will be doing.
  5. I have to admit: one of the biggest draws of this particular one is the price... hoping to get an EXTREMELY good deal.

    It will be a project, I am thinking, tbh... I am just wanting to have SOMETHING to work on! In regards to the riding, I will be using it as a Main transport, but, being a learner, I like the idea of being able to hit some trails, if I wanted to (EVERYONE says you should learn to ride on dirt, lol)

    I have no IDEA what it being a 2-stroke is gonna mean (aprat from the odd comment about more maintenance and higher Revs on here, I have no experience with the difference between... any type of Bike Engine)

    If I can still learn the basics of riding on it, and it runs, it is sufficent for my needs. Unless it is going to be detrimental to the learning process in the long run, I'll be going for this one, me thinks. I might just go ahead and grab it, go for a check-up at the local UltraTune and see where it goes from there! Here's hoping for a Merry 2-wheeled Chrissy for me!
  6. Don't really understand why you want a 20 year old 2 stroke dirt bike as your first bike but there's no accounting for taste. Two strokes don't make a lot of power unless you rev them high, they burn expensive two stroke oil and blow smoke. As for learning on dirt, it's completely different and personally I don't think any dirt riding skills translate to being a better road rider. I've never heard of a crm 250r until this thread, parts might be hard to find. If you wan't a dual sport why not go for something like a DRZ400E? That'd be way better.
  7. I agree with the drz idea. It'll be good to learn in the dirt and be less crap than the crm on the road. I went from dirt to road and I didn't find that the skills translated all that well except for brake control. I think everyone should learn to ride in the dirt because imo dirt riding is way more fun than road riding.
  8. That's a whole other topic, and I suspect you'd find more than a little disagreement there.