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1991 honda CBR 250RR wont start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Troy123, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. My 1991 Honda CBR 250RR won't start. I just bought it, and have only tried to start it two times. This is the third.

    To start this bike apparently, you press the starter and once it catches you give it throttle to start. ---> When I tried to do this today, the starter sounds fine and to a novice it sounds like it should catch but as I change to give it some throttle, nothing happens, my hands off the starter and ofcourse it dies. I have tried many times in intervals to avoid flooding complications.

    I check the fuel tap, the kill switch, I kick the stand up, put it in neutral, and I give it some choke ( i have tried very little choke and a lot of choke at different intervals).

    I would REALLY appreciate any advice. I am a uni student, and can't afford to see a mechanic after just spending the majority of my money on this bike.

    Kind regards,
  2. Did you see the bike running before you bought it? When was it last started?

    It's still possible that you have been flooding it - you normally need to wait for it to catch before you start opening the throttle.

    If you still can't get it, I'd let it sit for a while and then find a gentle hill and try roll starting it.

    If it still doesn't want to go, I'd pull the plugs and inspect them and open a drain screw on one of the float bowls to make sure the carbs have petrol in them.
  3. Yes, I started it yesterday (with a little bit of trouble) but i didnt ride as I only bought my helmet today!

    That sounds like a good suggestion, I will try again in the morning thank you jack.

    I don't know much about motorbikes, im only 18 ( 19 in 3 hours :p ), But i would love to learn. Are these things that are easy enough to google and youtube to self learn?

    Many thanks again for you response jack!
  4. They're simple to work on but everything is so tiny being a 4 cylinder 250. Are you using any choke to start it? Mine was tricky to start too, I used to put it on half choke and a little bit of throttle, hit the starter till it caught then give it a big rev to get it going.
  5. Jack I think you were right. I took the battery out and charged it on an ancient charger that belonged to my grandpa. When I put it back it the bike started even easier then before!

    However, I left it on idle while I went and put on all my gear, and as I sat back on the bike it turned off. I quickly started it again, with little revs i think it died, but i started it again reved it a few times and it was okay until I put my gloves on, and started riding out of the house.

    When I slowed down to turn onto the road, I pulled in the clutch and at such slow speed the bike turned off. This happened again, so I took it back into the shed, and each time it happend the bike seemed less powerful.

    I suspect that I didn't charge the battery well enough...........or I need a new battery.

    Thanks the input everyone :)
  6. Hi Troy, Happy Birthday for the other day :)

    I don't think your problem sounds electrical if the bike is running OK when you rev it but dying at low revs it sounds like fuel starvation. As it warms up you have to push the choke back in. Not too fast though or the bike will stall.

    Also if the bike has been sitting unused for a while the fuel may have gone off. Lots of additives in fuel evaporate when left for a long time unused. You can try putting fresh fuel in.

    Or it may be something as simple as the idle speed being too low. What does the tacho say in revs when it is idling?
  7. hi guys,when u first start the bike cold,never use choke,if it starts and idles leave it warmup up for a min then give it some throttle.
    if it starts then dies,then give it some choke but as soon as you can rev it,turn the choke off.also use standard unleaded fuel.i can spend all night telling u y,but all i can say after twenty years fixin bikes is trust me,im goin to sleep now.good luck this mite not help your current problem but it is a good start proceedure for these bikes
  8. Could also be problem with idle speed settings ? But having a zxr250 (the cbrs arch nemesis) I know they are temperamental buggers and take awhile to warm up properly - often find myself starting the bike then holding the throttle open to about 5k rpm for a minute then let the throttle roll back - sometimes need to do it for longer if its dropping down in the revs too much (you'll soon learn the normal running sound of your bike)
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    sounds like you mostly sorted the issue, i run into this a lot as my bike is extremely hard to start and has a reputation of the worst stating bike honda has ever made.

    Anyway tips of the trade(not that i am involved in any kind of motorcycle trade, i am just using the phrase): start in neutral with clutch in, this reduces load on the crank, give the starter a good go, if no start, try again with a bit of choke and a bit of throttle. if still does not start push it up the nearest hill, (i conviently live at the bottom of one) and roll start it, to do this, roll in second gear with clutch in and ignition on, then once your going about 20kph or more (faster the better) dump clutch and press starter, be ready to grab clutch once its going, espc if your hill comes to a dead end (like mine, so its more, roll start than ebrake)

    Once its going, you will have to stand their and blip it for a few mins until it gets to temp, once its at temp it should hold an idle. Just small blips, if your idling at 1500, blip to 3k, let it fall and blip again, etc. Once its at temp, if it does not hold idle, you might need to gently adjust the idle speed, this is done very easily its normally just a screw you turn on that round pully where the throttle cable goes though, look at your bike it should be easy to spot, i dont remember where it is on the mc19 engines, probably near the carbs on the left side though, you can spot because the pully will rotate corresponding to your throttle inputs. Just give it a fraction of a turn, start the bike, let it warm and adjust it some more so its not idling too high, as once its warm it will increase in idle revs. Normally you make minute adjustments, so dont go turning it a huge amount or you will have a 10k idle.

    EDIT: to add to another poster, yes, run 91 octane ethanol free petrol. idiots will run 98 cus its a fully sik race bike, but they run best on 91. Source: owned a bike with the same engine.