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1991 Honda CBR 250 - Average KM

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by UnknownChoice, May 11, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys / Gals

    Still looking at this CBR down here and just wanted to know the average KM for a 1991ish CBR. The guy wants about $4500 for it....

    Done 57,502km.

    Also what would the life be of the bike? i want it to learn on before i change to something bigger.

  2. The Km's are probably legit, and average for real km's travelled.

    However "average odometer readings" will be less due to all the grey imports, 15 years old with 10,000km my ass :roll:
  3. Cool,

    thanks for the reply. If i keep the servicing up how long would the bike last, km until i need a rebuilt. Its had a good service history as its mates brothers bike.


  4. id say 20 - 30k kms would be a good start
    not sure when a engine rebuild would be - 60k?
  5. I think "true" average KM's for a 15 year CBR is around 30,000km's... might want to look around coz that has a lot of KMs... get it checked out thoroughly if you can :idea:
  6. Ok, well just was looking at this due to mates brothers, local bike, etc. Are there any bikes floating about on here forsale (pref a CBR250) that have genuine km on them?
  7. I still can't believe the prices these wanna be race bike pocket rockets pull. How can an originally ~$10 000 bike still pull ~45% of it's original purchase price 15 years later and with 57 000kms on the odo. Then you look at something like a ZZR250 and you can pick up a 98-2002 model for ~50% of it's purchase price which is a good 7 years younger and possibly lower kays.

    Would you pay $7000 for a 1991 Charade
    Would you pay $15000 for a VN Commodore
    Would you pay $20 000 for a 1991 MX-5

    I dunno, maybe i'm missing something but it just seems ludacris the prices these bikes pull. Especially when you see alot of them still going for around $5500-6000. That is just CRAZY!!! $4500 is a decent price comparably to other examples of this bike i guess.
  8. I am just after something to learn on, mates dad just said that CBRs were a decent bike with few problems. I just want something sorta quickish and that will be fun. I just sold my turbo corolla to go bikes as fuel is stupid.

  9. They only go for so much here in Vic coz we don't have LAMS... if they brought LAMS in here they would be a lot cheaper (hope they don't bring it in until I sell my CBR250... :p )
  10. guys you are deluding yourselves, you think these bikes have done a maximum average of 2,000km a year for the term of their life? (sure there are later year models around but still.)

    kraven's done over 20,000km on his cbr in less than 12 months, if you check out this recent thread you'll see people are doing an average of 5-10,000 a year. CBR odo's are a joke.

    re. N1GH7-R1D3R yep i couldn't agree more.. but then they've only just had their engine run in at 15-20,000km's right? :p :wink:

    given the choice again i may have taken the CBR as it's quicker, but when i get up close to them in real life they look pretty small and a bit dated, that's just personal styling preference though.
  11. So what do people think about the CBR down here, as its just for a year or two to learn on, or look for something else?

  12. Most of the CBR250's that are coming in as grey imports have been sitting around overseas for years... unused and therefore not accumulating any KM's!!

    CBR's that have been here for years would have a lot higher reading than the newer imported bikes...
  13. I always love the assumption that bikes in Japan can't have low mileage because here in Australia they clock up xxxxkms a year. Australia is not Japan. Have a look at this Japanese used bike sales site and you'll see that even 15 year old bikes still only have around 20-30,000kms - and are still being sold 2nd hand in Japan. Not saying that some importers (or private owners) don't wind back/disconnect odometers - but comparing riding habits in Australia to a place that is heavily urbanised and/or covered in snow for part of the year is ridiculous.
  14. I think it's mainly to do with the graded licencing system (which means its expensive and difficult to get a licence for large displacement bikes) coupled with very strict roadworthy/emissions testing every two years for bikes over a certain displacement (I think 400cc). New prices are also probably a lot lower. It's even more frightening to look at what some 2nd hand cars are worth - then look at what people are willing to pay for grey import versions in Australia (even scary just to compare prices between here and New Zealand).
  15. Don't you guys have LAMS down there? Wouldn't you be better off getting one of those than an old, overpriced, and overrated cbr250 with a million miles on the clock?
  16. I agree.

    You can often tell by the condition that various parts of the bike are in whether the milage is genuine. A bike that's only done 20,000km's looks a lot different to a bike that's done 60,000km's.

    I'm sure there are some importrers out there winding back clocks, but to generalise and say that most imported bikes are dodgy is ridiculous.

    Once you've looked over plenty of imported (grey) bikes, you get a pretty good idea of whether the milage is genuine (or close to).
  17. Dont know what LAMS is....

    looking at some other bikes now....

    ZZR250, VTR250.

    just want something thats ok to ride, fun and not a truck :p
  18. I was looking at a CB (R) 250 or a VTR250. I was told that the VTR would be a fair bit better overtaking semis on the freeway. So I got a VTR250 and I love it. It handles so easily and I only run out of puff at the top of a couple of hills from Sydney to Port Macquarie. It picks up from 110 to 120 to get passed semis on the freeway easily enough. I weigh around 100kg dressed. The tank is only 13 litres, I think the CB's 16. That may be an issue. I was also told to forget a faired bike if I had back problems. That cut the field down. I've done 3k in 3 months and love it.