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1991 CBR1000F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. (I know I keep asking questions about different bikes, sorry, and if you don't want to chat please move along... but it's what a forum's *for*!)

    Driving along today, spotted a 1991 CBR1000F beside the road, advertised for $2700. It's been dropped at low speed and has scratches and a little cracking on the fairing and one side cover, but it has good tires and brakes and so on. It's done about 80,000 km.

    I wouldn't do anything on it without a full mechanic's check, but if that came back OK it'd be a decent interim solution to my problems since it's (a) a 1000, (b) water cooled, (c) has a big pillion seat. If it's mechanically OK it's likely to keep going for a long time, and with my current budget I can't afford to worry too much about the cosmetics.

  2. I prefer the ZZR1100 from the same era to the CBR1000F, but you can't argue with that price!

    They are a decent tourer, the suspension is a bit soft (even when new) and the engine lacked midrange for a litre 4.

    Not a bad bike, just not as sporty as the other competing bikes from the era.
  3. Great tourer, plenty powerful, good comfort, but as already said soft front end from factory, and with 80km on it, new springs would be the minimum up front to make it feel newer again.

    One thing to watch with these, they were notorious (as were most big Honda 4's of the time) for timing chain and primary chain rattle, and as the chains on this bike are located in the centre of the cams, it isn't a cheap fix. In short if there is rattling in the motor from timing/primary chain, walk away! On the other hand, 80km for this bike in terms of wear should be just about run in if it has been looked after throughout it's life.

    Save a little longer, spend $5K and get an early Blackbird, it is far superior.
  4. Hmmm. Big, fast and cheap. I'd say go for it if it checks out. Pity it's a Honda.
  5. still got my ol' girl sitting out the front.
    heavy and boring on the outside, but is a bloody hoot to ride.
    80k kms, yep, agree with tweet, thats nothing. mines about to roll the odo over, on the original engine with no rebuild.
    just try your best not to do too many monos, you only need to have one come down hard, and it'll blow the forkseals straight out :LOL: i should know ;)
    if it checks out, you'll love it!
  6. I bought one of these after sticking with a 250 for 4 years. First impressions were that it was an absolute rocket in a straight line and was great for highway work, but it did not feel all that stable through the twisties. I tolerated the 1000F for eight months until I traded it in on a GSXR600.

    The CBR1000F was the most disappointing bike I have ever owned. The lesson I learnt from this was to put a bit more thought into what I wanted out of a bike before handing over the cash.
  7. ....so basically, you werent comfortable cornering on the big girl. i have scraped both pegs, many times of the 1kf. it sit beautifully in the corners IMO.
    perhaps you couldnt set it up properly?
  8. While I certainly enjoy a twisty road now and then, my bike is a daily commuter first, and a fun machine a distant second. I rarely go out for a ride purely as recreation.

    What's prompting considering this is that the missus has been going to work on the train, which takes about an hour and a half. If I pillion her in it only takes about half an hour, and saves money. But we're both fairly solid and my little 400 is struggling a bit.

    So yeah, the big CBR-F is not a supersport 600 scratch-monster, but that's not what I need. I want something water-cooled ('cos the air-oil coiled GSXF is also struggling with heat in traffic) that will pull a 200 kg load with ease.
  9. It will pull like a freight train!
  10. I used to pillion on a '94 model CBR thou when I was a teen. They go okay. Rather okay indeed. Even two up I had to hold on real bloody tight to the grab rail for fear of being left on my arse in the middle of the road - at speed. Comfort is fine even for fairly long rides.
  11. I had a 93 CBR1000 for 6-7 years, it was my only transport so did everything, commuting, grocery shopping, used to pillion my rather large flatmate to work, as well as some weekend work.
    Bike had plenty of pull and very stable at high speed. The suspension was a bit like riding in a rowboat but, nothing like that wallow round the high speed sweeper for cheap entertainment.
    Had about 87 thou when sold and the chain rattles where there in the donk.
  12. Thanks all for the comments and thoughts. In the end I decided to kick an extra couple of grand into the pot to buy something 8 years newer, a bit bigger again and without the dings and issues with that particular CBR. Not making any big announcements yet until the sale is completed, but I can say the CBR is off the table.