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1990 vfr 750

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by jones88, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Picked this up on Saturday.

    Cosmetically, it is a bit rough around the edges, but i aim to fix it up myself, learning all i can along the way.

    Mechanically feels great, and a big difference from my old GPX250.

    Can i use this thread to keep track of things i am doing/have done/plan to do?


    Edit.. cant seem to get pics working? :tantrum:
  2. Nice one. i do like the look of these. apart from the way the seat tapers out at the rear
  3. Great bikes. They're a little bit porky but can still be hustled along quite rapidly should the mood strike you. How many Km's she got on her?
  4. check the pics mate
  5. Errr Doh. Now why didn't you think of that? Ha ha. Good buying. It's only just run in. As long as it's not on its 2nd trip around the clock. But even then, it's still got life left in her.
  6. Nice choice : ).

    Whadya mean "a bit rough round the edges"? Its a damn sight cleaner looking than mine. You even have the lower rear fairing panels!

    What do you plan to do?
  7. I may consider doing some reshaping of the seat, if i have the time/desire.. Another thing i can learn. :)

    Almost every fairing has fairly bad cracks, are loose, scratched etc.

    Pretty sure the bike was dropped on its right hand side, as it has some very poor, yet major repairs on that side. Can't see it in the pics, but they haven't even come close to the right to touch up with. (bright orange)

    all that aside, the paint is faded, so ill be doing that sort of stuff to it.

    I am planning on changing the muffler eventually, just have to figure out what fits? Is there universal ones?

    Here's some pics of the front fender, just finished painting with 3M acryllic spray cans. (tight budget!)

  8. huge improvement
  9. Looks good. Gotta love the rattlecan paintjob. If by universal you mean a bolt up muffler, I don't know how lucky you're going to be. But a slip-on is pretty cheap and shouldn't be too much of a hassle to fit. I've got an old two brothers can, but some fairly major work has been done at some point (exhaust re-routed down the left).

    If you're worried about the look of the seat, just get a solo seat cowl. They came with one from the factory and aren't too difficult to find.

    Bear in mind that fairing bits are pretty scarce in Aust if yours are too far gone. Ebay is your friend. A lot of parts come up regularly from UK sellers.
  10. nice enough bike man! im keeping an eye on the vfrs coming up for sale, as ive now saved up enough to start viably looking (though, at cheaper bikes ;) )

    keep it upright and have a blast!
  11. As a guide, I picked this one up for 3,700, with 13 months rego, plus they threw in a $200 helmet for the mrs. :)

    I'm hoping I don't have to replace anything, just a bit nervous as to what I'll find on the right side, under the filler..

    Planning to paint the headlight surround and the piece just behind the seat both black. Then possibly black on top of the tank, with red on the sides.

    Would love to experiment with glow paint, just need to find a cheap one that lasts longer than an hour in the dark.