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1990 Suzuki DR250

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by ethan, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Hi I've got a Suzuki Dr 250 1990 an am looking to go from Brisbane to coffs harbour is there any tips or recommendations for riding it down an would sitting on the one speed for ages be bad for the engine?

  2. the vast majority of suzukis are robust. Shouldn't be a problem at all. The dr250/350 is one of the best trail bikes ever made. later, more powerful, bikes were much more fragile.

    If you are going to make a habit of these longer trips then you might want to look at different tyres and different final drive ratios. Maybe a larger tank too.
  3. I have a DRZ and haven't been game enough to do those distances on it, although tempted to bike instead of drive next trip to coffs . I love the DRZ but 11o km highways are my least favourite roads. Although I would ride that far some days anyway just not in one direction. What tyres do you have on it?
  4. Just make sure to take a few breaks, I rode a few hundred k's on my XR250 in a day and it's quite draining on the freeway. Staying at the same speed shouldn't matter, it's only an issue when running in. I'd take some dirt roads here and there to wake up a bit.
  5. Yes, Brisbane to Coffs you should be able to do all by back roads
  6. What those guys said. Once did a 500km ride on an XR600R that was geared for the dirt - it cruised at 90~100kmh and made freeway work an irritation.

    See if you can sit on 100kmh (if youre legal to do it on your licence) and see if you can keep it there without too much mechanical maniacalism.

    If its all good, then go for it. Otherwise I suspect you'll be cruising at 90~100kmh which will be a happy, non vibrating-you-to-death speed. The Suzukis are very reliable bikes with an enviable gear-shift.

    Oh, oil your chain every time you stop for fuel and before you leave. Anything will do, I use cheap Castrol Chain lube. Homebrand cooking oil spray also works.

    - boingk
  7. Cheers guys thanks for your tips and info its really helpful any ideas what tank to upgrade with?
  8. I'm not into the offroad scene. I see Acerbis do an 18 litre tank for the dr350.

    Should be good for 400km or maybe more. The seat will be more of a limiting factor.

    They also do accessory tanks to add a few litres to your current set up.
  9. @ethan@ethan. Curious, do you have standard dual sport tyres on it?
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    Cheers its my first road trail and and am looking too customise it any other hints exhaust etc?

    Currently have road tires am looking for dual purpose tyres tho
  11. Ok. I have dual and am thinking of switching to road...
  12. Hey guy looking toe bike was looking for any input
    1) fuel gauge
    2) electric start
    Any hints tips or sugestions would b greatly appreciated
  13. Lol sorry was ment to say looking to upgrade the bike
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  14. Just get a aftermarket clear tank if you need a fuel gauge

    Electric start will be prohibitively expensive sell the bike and get another if you don't want to kick it. Though a bike well tuned should take no more than a fewkicks so tthink about service first.