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VIC 1990 Honda Spada (dismantled)

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by ageg, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone.

    Due to personal personal reasons I'm giving the bike scene up. So, up for grabs is my 1990 Honda Spada.

    Bike has been 90% stripped down, engine out and dismantled(just covers removed). I was in the process of stripping it down and giving it a sandblast and repaint due to wanting to do my own project. Time has got the best of me and it's no longer feesable to do it nor do I have the time.

    I'm selling it as is, which is in pieces, but everything is there to get it back up and running. I've sandblasted some of the frame pieces already and some I haven't. The tank either needs to be resealed and repaired or replaced due to pin holes developing near the petcock at the bottom and side weld points

    I've attached a few photos of when it was assembled and when it's stripped down. If you want more pics I'll be more then happy to get them for you.

    I'm NOT willing to separate.

    Price is $700 as is, however if sold today 20/3/16 I'll move a little on price[​IMG] if picked up today.

    Give me a call,


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