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1990 GSF250 Bandit help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tomm, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Hello I recently bought a baby bandit and have been buzzing around it as my first bike. Great fun.. though i wasn't paying any attention to maintainance at all. I dropped it the other day (verrrry slowly) and have since been getting the mechanical side of things in my head.

    First of all when I dropped it there seemed to be some fluid leaking from the bike- I didn't see where it was coming from and it stopped when I got it upright (only saw the puddle, it dried up pretty quickly.) It took a fair bit of effort to get her started again but then she was fine.

    Later that week (I havent been riding much at all) when I got her home from a quick spin she stalled and had trouble starting. I think I may have run out of fuel (non reserve). However I'd done only about 100k's on a mostly full tank.
    To check how bad the milage was i popped it on reserve and decided to run her dry- then fill her up and see how I go.

    Well I managed to run empty today and filled her up. Also went on a shortish ride with a mate (28k's says the tripmeter) and there is now a noticeable difference in the tank level. I will see how far i can get before having to switch to reserve.

    Also noticed my brake light is not responding :shock:
    I'm planning on doing chain, plugs, oil, coolant, and maybe even cleaning out the tank but I'm still trying to hunt down a manual. Not quite confident enough to use some japanese bloke's site I pseudo-translated in google. :p
    This is my first bike and I really want to take care of it properly

    So i guess I'm asking:
    1. What fluid could have leaked at the drop?
    2. What could cause this bad mileage?
    3. Could the brakelight connection have been knocked out of alignment from the drop?
    4. Is there anything else I should do maintainance wise? (and projected cost please)
    5. Anyone in Brizzy want to give a total noob a hand? :LOL:

    Thanks in advance guys.
  2. Hi, I started out on one of these, fun little bikes. I also dropped mine a couple of times when manouevering it, they're quite top heavy for the size.

    It is petrol that will have been leaking from the carbs. Once this happens, it will take a while for the carbs to fill back up, hence why it took a while to restart. You can speed things up by turning the fuel tap to 'prime' when this happens, but don't leave it there for any more than a minute or it'll flood the carbs.

    As for milage, I would see how far it goes on the main tank (non-reserve) before making conclusions. Bare in mind that filling the tank to the same level every time isn't so easy. You can get far more fuel in it while it's on teh centrestand. There aren't many reasons why your drop will make it go through more fuel unless you have a leak in a line.

    The brake light won't be working because either the light has been knocked out of the holder, connection has come off the bulb, or it's blown due to the impact of the bike hitting the ground. Take off the seat unit and ahave a look in there. If it's neither of these, trace the brake light wires back along the seat unit, sometimes there are connections there. It could also be a fuse, but usually it's for both rear lights.

    Your maintenance ideas sound good, if you change the oil, make sure to change the oil filter also. A new air filter may also be a good idea, can be hard to source for these bikes, I can't remember where I got mine (try the importers).

    Most of the procedures will be generic to all bikes, so look around for information on all your planned maintenance to build your knowledge, and read up as much as you can.
  3. Owners manual covers basic maintanence like chain, plugs, oil changes, etc. If you don't have a copy you can download the manual for the Aus-delivered version (which is in English) from here:
    Poor fuel economy can be caused by any number of things - try changing the plugs and cleaning/replacing the air filter first and see if things improve. Oh and also a good idea to open the airbox drain (tube hanging from the airbox near the rear shock) since there's a good chance it may be full of fuel.
    Servicing costs are fairly cheap if done yourself - from memory sparkplugs are only around 6 bucks each, air/oil filters around 30, rear brake pads are something like 20, front pads around 30-40, new chain is about 120.
  4. Thanks a lot cammo and jd. I'll see what I can do and give an update on how its going. Cheers for the owners manual too :)
  5. Update:

    Yesterday arvo I had a little maintainance session and figured out how to pull the bike apart and put it back together etc etc. I had to finish up early and never got around to the sparkies.

    However i did get around to tightening the chain and checking out the air filter. I dont think that the air cleaner could get any cleaner- which leaves me thinking that my mileage woes may be in my head, though i havent checked the plugs yet. Is it possible that I have some kind of loss of vacuum, seeing that my airbox is the kind that draws air in from the rear and the filter was really really clean. Also, im pretty sure the airbox had traces of fuel in it. Is this a worry?

    And lastly I did check out the rear light. It seems that both filaments are "on" all the time. Should only one filament be running normally and the other pops up when activated via braking? Which leads me to thinking it may be a sensitivity issue.. however I don't know much about electrics (or mechanics :p) and don't want to fiddle too much.

    Just realised I forgot the airbox drain tube too :LOL:
    have a good one. tom