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1990 GPX250 $1900, good deal?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by robbieb, May 23, 2005.

  1. G'day, I'm on the lookout for my first bike and I saw this 1990 Kawasaki GPX250 for $1900. Does this sound like a reasonable price or is it too low, indicating that there may be something wrong with it? Being a pov uni student I'm after a good cheap bike to start improving my skills.

  2. How many k's? An older one with significant amount of clicks would be around that price (say, 60,000km). Otherwise it may have been dropped, in which case you either need to know what you're doing, or steer clear.

    If it does just have a lot of kilometres on the clock, it's probably a reasonable deal. And if it doesn't, and there's no obvious damage, it's a great deal! The GPX is also a very easy bike to ride, and is certainly a good option for a cheap bike to start on. Go have a look-see, and see if you can bring a more experienced rider with you!
  3. Awesome, thanks for that, I'll check it out in more detail. So they still go alright with lots of k's? Or do they get a bit long in the tooth and not much worth it with potential problems cropping up?
  4. My GPX250 Has 67 000+ on it and is still in great condition.

    Main thing is to be happy the oil has been changed often.

    From what i can find the bike is just about unbreakable if the motor is looked after.

    $1990 is about what an early model is worth. I have heard of cheaper and more expensive one's.

    If this is your first bike you really can not ask for a better learner bike, easy to ride when just getting started and will keep you entertained up to the point of looking for a bigger bike. i have talked to guy's who have wound there bikes up to 160 - 170 on track days and i can vouch for them in the high range speeding on any NSW road (state speed limit of 110 not that i was riding it of course :wink: )

    Look over the bike if you see anything that you are not sure about of not happy with i am sure you will find another one for smilar money if you look around.