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1989 ZXR750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. So, I'm technically out of the bike market for 6 months due to an agreement with She Who Must Be Obeyed. But I'm currently rationalising with the idea that if I can change over for no money (after selling the Spud) that doesn't count. And there's this '89 ZXR I'm looking at. Same year as the Spud and around the same price, but faired and with a *lot* more go... Guess we'll see what happens...

  2. When I looked at buying a 1993 ZXR750 I was amazed at how backward they really were, even compared to a GS500 of the same era. Capable, maybe, rider friendly not at all. Cant imagine the 1989 could be any worse.

    Considered getting GSXR or FZR instead?
  3. Yep, but we're talking sub 2.5k here... if you know of any gixxers or fazers in that price range let me know. ;)
  4. I had an 89, and apart from the air tubes going through the tank, they look ok, and the frame is sweet, handle pretty well, and go well for their day too.

    Comfort though, nil!
    Bear in mind anything that old is likely to have a few km on it, and a 4cyl rebuild on a bike like that will cost more than the bike is worth....food for thought.
  5. Heh, nemine, it just got bid out of my price range anyway. Nice dream, but the smart thing to do is wait the 6 months and get something for 10 grand or so that is new and sweet and fast and comfortable. ;)
  6. dont give.
    My mate piked up a gsxr400 for $2000

    keep lookin ull find it.
  7. man that sound like voldermorts sister... :LOL: Bravi mate what ever bike you decide on will either be the one for you or the one before the one for you... It may take time and more money later on to get the bike that best suits you.

    Have you riden the zxr?

  8. Nothing wrong with a bit of domination from your women..... Thigh high boots and leather..... dog lead around the neck.... being whipped with the riding crop.

    Mmmmmm.... better go have a cold shower....

    what was this topic about again?
  9. It is a quote from Rumpol of the Baily... For those with a couple of years behind them.

    Remember that even if the bike cost the same amount you are losing stamp duty and the like... Waiting for the bike you actually like saves you this extra cost.

    [EDIT]And there is all the screwing around to sell it again.[/EDIT]

  10. for give me father for i have sinned so so well... :LOL: :LOL: