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1989 VFR750 - Selling price advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Seedy, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. I've decided to sell my '89 VFR. I had hoped to do it up to original condition but a few money hassles have meant I have to offload it. I am just wondering if anyone could offer some advice on a fair asking price (one that will hopefully move the bike sooner rather than later).

    There are just so few around that it is hard to see what the market for these is. The closest thing I can find are two 1987 models on Bikepoint at the moment, $3600 and $3700... which seems quite high to me, although the $3.7k one does look in great condition.

    As for mine, motor is solid as a rock, doesn't drop any oil or blow any smoke... starts first kick every time. Gear driven cams and all that. All plastics in perfect condition except that back one (with the 750 sticker on it)... couple of small cracks in that. It is unregistered / no RWC and has done 112,000kms, so whoever buys it will definitely have to spend at least some money to get it on the road, but will make a beautiful ride for anyone who is into older bikes.

    Any advice appreciated. Cheers.


  2. I had a red 1990, one month rego 178k but had been repainted so that I sold in 2008 for $3150 on eBay auction (no reserve auction).

    Although yours has less kms, the no rego is a pain, I would want it cheaper.

    I would seriously consider getting it blue slipped minimum.
  3. Redbook says $3k - $3.5k No rego though is an issue and will put it to the lower end of the range.
  4. Thanks guys, helpful info. Blue slipped... is that same as RWC?
  5. which year are the really expensive ones?
  6. Not sure Lilley...mine hopefully. :)

    Seriously though, maybe the ones made between 94 and 97 might be more expensive as they were the RC36 series, the last ones before they changed to 800s. I have also seen a few on the net that are rare (expensive) because of special paint schemes. (think there may have been a Wayne Gardner one that is pricey)

    Other than that, I really have no idea... which is why I made this post!
  7. Can you let us know either in this thread or a For Sale one how much you decide to ask?
  8. Are you thinking of the RC30? From '87-90.
  9. that would be them
  10. Yes sorry that is nsw speak
  11. Will do mate. I'm going to get a check done on it next week to see exactly how much I'll need to spend and make a decision once I know that. If I decide to sell I'll post a sale thread here at NR and let you know in this thread too.

    This is the RC30... which mine is not one of :)

  12. Cheers.

    What would you have to spend if selling it as-is, without rego?
  13. Bike is getting picked up by the workshop tomorrow for a RWC check. I'll know more about what needs doing when I get it back so will be better able to come up with a fair price then if I decide to sell it.
  14. Is it worth getting an RWC before you know if you're selling unreg to someone outside Vic?
  15. If I was buying it from here in NSW I would feel a lot more confident that it would pass a NSW inspection if it had a Vic RWC.

    For the few dollars it costs it is worth it, I think.
  16. Maybe if you weren't able to check it out, but knowing it'll need some things done to get the Blue and Pink slips here anyway, it seems less worth the bother and cost to the seller unless that's the only way to get the sale. I'll want to suss it or have someone look at it for me anyway.

    I know a bloke in a back lane that isn't especially picky with Pink Slips, but the Blue one is another story. Then again, the young bloke at one of the Blue Slip places here rides a bike.
  17. Well, it ain't officially for sale yet, otherwise I would have put it in the For Sale forum :)

    I have spoken to quite a few people since I decided to sell who are telling me I should keep it coz it's a great bike... so I'm struggling with that decision a bit.

    But even if I do go ahead and sell I'm certain that being able to provide an itemised list from a reputable Melbourne dealer of what is required for a RWC will help me get the best price I can.

    So for the sake of $110 for getting the bike picked up from my house by the workshop and a RWC and general check done... yeah, I reckon it's worth it.
  18. Thanks all for the helpful advice in this thread. I decided to go ahead and get the work done and keep the VFR. All up including a service it cost me $1600 to get it ready for rego.

    Got it inspected and registered at VicRoads today and had a nice, sunny day for my first real blast on it.
  19. Always like a happy ending :)
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