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1989 Honda VFR750f

Discussion in 'Archived' started by rxsammy, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. S o l d

  2. missed it by that much
  3. Now listed on Bikesales too. Open to offers :)
  4. Its a legal requirement to provide a valid Roadworthy Certificate whenever one sells a (second hand) registered vehicle. This provides some coverage to the seller's arse and some peace of mind to the buyer. From the relevant page on Vicroads' site:

    Registered vehicles
    A registered vehicle must be sold with a Certificate of Roadworthiness (RWC). You can still transfer registration up to 3 months after it expires. After this time the registration will be cancelled.

    Seller’s responsibilities

    *provide the buyer with a Certificate of Roadworthiness that is no more than 30 days old when the sale takes place.
    *fill in the ‘seller’ part of the Application for Transfer of Registration form [PDF 339KB, 5pp]

    Let's try not to get into a discussion about it; although many people are ignorant of the above, it is pretty clear and I don't think a derail would be justified :).

    BTW, I chose you over others simply because I opened/read your thread but not theirs, so you should feel complimented rather than insulted :p.
  5. I think most people would know that ^ and most people would have sold or bought a vehicle without a RWC. Its far more convenient to buy a registered car whether with RW or not.

    I once bought a car with reg, without RWC from a cop so that shows how much this rule is followed :)

    Please keep replys to inquiries about purchasing the bike for sale. Thanks.

    Open to negotiation with purchaser anyway. Cheers.
  6. Just put a deposit on a bike, so keen to move this one along and make some room in the garage :)
  7. Crap!

    Why is it I spent months looking for a black 1989 VFR750, finally find a decent one in NSW and then pay to have it shipped down here last week - only to then find better ones like this here locally!

    I love my VFR750 and would recommend this bike to everyone.

    Great bike, good price - someone should snap this up.

    (Easy RC30 race bike conversion with the right fairing set, that's what I am thinking of doing).
  8. There does seem to be some rule built into the universe about this. When I decided to put the money down on my W650 I made a clear acknowledgment to myself of the fact that in the weeks following I would inevitably see better deals on offer.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. It really is a great bike. Pretty good for riding 2up I've found too.

    Got heaps of Kms left in her. I'm officially a Honda convert now!
  10. Price drop again.

    Had some inquiries from people interested in the bike for track work. Happy to sell cheaper without reg.
  11. i had the same idea.......
    but for some reason have only seen 2 finished.... and they have no details on it (were done years ago, and sat in a garage till people have found them)
  12. I will be out of town for the week, be back next Monday 6th Feb, so might be a little slow with responding to inquiries. If you can't get onto me I will get back to you as soon as I'm able.

  13. Great bike! I know coz I used to ride it.

    Just for anyone wondering, the bike was roadworthied twice within 2 months last year... once when I put it on the road and again when Sam bought it from me. Sam is a great guy too.

    Buy this bike! It's a bargain. Show us a pic of your new blade Sammy!
  14. Thanks for the nice comments mate :) should go for a ride sometime.

    I really enjoyed riding it. It's a great way to get a lot of bike for not much money at all.

    Remember people I'm open to offers. Throw them out there, the worst I can do is say no..

    I'll start a thread with some pics of the new blade soon. Loving it by the way!
  15. Big Price Drop! Some new pics too..
  16. Damn that's cheap... Nice new pics too, see you got hold of a grabrail.
  17. Took the bike out for a bit of a ride tonight. Forgot how much fun it is!

    Keen to sell so shoot me some offers.

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