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1989 Honda 'Spada' VT250L

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  1. gre03 submitted a new Showcase Item:

    1989 Honda 'Spada' VT250L

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  2. Ideal machine to learn on and I bet it sounds nice with the pipe too:D I wouldn't worry too much about it sitting on 9 grand at 100, for memory they don't redline until about 13-13.5, and I'm tipping it'll still have some overtaking oomph from 100 too?

    Enjoy your Spada and I hope it gives you many fun, trouble free rides in the future.

  3. Sweet ride man. As long as you take care of it getting it serviced regularly and keeping the chain clean you will be fine. Great bike to learn on.
  4. Thanks heaps for all the positive comments :D
  5. Redline is 13500rpm, they will sit on 130kph with out any problem. You can get smaller rear sprockets to change the gearing if it is an issue