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1989 FZR250R not starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mrlazy, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, here's a link to my thread on fzr250.com


    Forums abit dead there so thought I'd ask here where it's active :)
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks~
  2. Recharge and test the condition of your battery (replace if needed), then disconnect the immobiliser and try again. Unless you know how it's wired in, and how it works, it's only going to be a pain in the arse when it comes to finding what's wrong with the bike (and may in fact be the cause itself).

    The buzzing noise you described is likely the starter relay, which you might also want to check to make sure the contacts aren't burnt out or corroded (common problem on a bike that old). Also check the condition of your battery contacts, especially the earth. If either of these are in poor condition then it certainly won't help with starting.

    Finally, if you do get it running use a multimeter to check the voltage to make sure your alternator or regulator aren't rooted (again a common fault on bikes that age).
  3. Stupid question probably but did you check the kill switch wasnt off? You have flattened the battery trying to start it, give it a charge and see. These bikes have quite a small charging system and as such if the bike is sitting there idling it will not be charging revs need to be at around 4000.
    if you need more help with it you can download the fzr400 sevice manual you will find on the other forum, they are a very similar bike so most of the info transfers.
  4. this is the wiring diagram for a 2kr. click for larger


    i'm wrecking a 2kr at the moment so let me know if you need any parts.
  5. here's a wiring diagram for your 2kr. it might help you disconnect the immobiliser.


    i'm wrecking a 2kr at the moment so let me know if you need any parts.
  6. Battery was overfilled. Drained some and gave it a good overnight charge. Alarm was going off due to unstabled voltages I assume. Works perfectly now. It is running, but gears now sometime have some trouble selecting gears.. Could need a new clutch spring or something.. New chain and sprocket is on the list. There was some rattling noise or something now.. Could be the cam chain tensioner I was told. Bike was revving fine, but tried again and now stalls when I start giving it gas. Not sure what the problem is but will be cleaning and balancing the carburetor myself as a workshop has already refused to work on the bike haha. Also ordered new iridium spark plugs and a regulator, replacing bits and pieces to give it some TLC.. Will be sure to download the fzr400 service manual. Thanks for the help so far guys
  7. Bikes giving me headaches here and there, love working on it though.. Will sure be worth it in the end :)
  8. umm why did a workshop refuse to work on your bike? i know one local mob to me won't touch bikes older than ten years but still..
  9. Try over 10 years old and a grey import.

    Can't blame mechanics for not wanting to touch them. Trying to find specific data on even simple things like tightening torques or part numbers can be difficult and time consuming, since it usually involves having to trawl through Japanese websites. Grey import 250s are also usually owned by people wanting to spend the least amount of money possible - and are unlikely to want to pay the sorts of prices OEM JDM market parts cost (which means the mechanic then has to spend more time trawling wreckers).
  10. Bike mechanics have no problem working on it, though wouldn't/rather not because it's slightly harder and more time consuming. Fixing it will be no problem but if there's a problem or something needs replacing, sources of parts is the main reason they won't work on it. I don't blame them either :) Although, since I don't have much time and want the bike running perfect before summer, I found a place who'd be willing to work on it @ Intyre Motorcycles. Pete from Everything 2 Wheels happily recommended them to me.

    Grey imports are cheaper when bought, but when it comes to maintenance/fixing, it could easily add up to the newer 250's haha

    I simply bought a grey import because of the performance of the high revving engines, and just love the sound compared to the newer 250's..