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1989 CBR 250R - can't figure out what's wrong...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Solar, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone...

    I just signed up on this website - I'm actually from Canada but I thought that you guys may be able to help me out as you guys seem to have a LOT more CBR250R/RR's running. Here it's a greybike and only a handful of people ride these.

    I bought my bike in 2005 and I started having issues with it 1/2 way thru the season last summer.... and right away this season.

    Here's the issue: When I ride in the city (stop and go traffic), my temp gauge will go to about 3/4 the way up (the white section) but never past that. Then when I'm at a stop light, the idling gets crappy (isn't constant) and then the bike shuts off. Restarting it is difficult. I will even rev the bike a bit to try and keep the idle up but the minute I stop, it just dies.

    My mechanic is stumped, my friend has rechecked everything and it all seems in working order. We thought that maybe it could be the water pump or the thermostat... anyone else have any ideas?? I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts.

    I love this bike but I don't want to ride it anymore b/c of this problem. Thanks in advance...
  2. Check the fuel vacuum lines.

    When the bike gets hot these can sometimes get softer/crimped, impeding fuel flow.
  3. The problem?
    It's an 18 year old 250cc bike?
    Been thrashed to buggery by every learner who owned it?
    When you trading up mate?
  4. Thermostat/fan seems to be working as it doesn't go past a certain temperature.
    I would suspect coils overheating (old age and heat are not kind to coils) or valve adjustment too tight, causing clearances to disappear when hot and valves to stay open. My old Z did that with no valve clearances, hot idle in traffic would go to hell, and restart would be almost impossible.
    Does it start again redily when it cools down a bit?

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Thanks for your responses.

    If I let it sit and cool down for a bit yes the bike will start up. But majority of the time I'm unable to do that b/c I'm sitting at a traffic light.

    Yes my bike is old, but I love it to bits... but I'm really starting to get frustrated with it. I went for a ride last night, rode it at a higher rpm than I normally do in the city and it heated up to where I normally have issues, but b/c I wasn't on a long of a ride as I am when it occurs, the bike was ok. It was pretty cool last night so I was surprised that it heated up so quickly.

    I called the Honda Centre here in Vancouver and the guy said I should check the temp sensors.

    If the bike problem doesn't get resolved by the end of the season, I'm gonna either sell it or trade it in for either a 92 250RR or a 400RR. My friend is trying to get me to go for the 400RR as it's more "street/traffic" friendly. Any thoughts?
  6. Get the 400, terrific bike!
  7. Yes - I decided to go for the 400RR... gonna try and sell my bike at the end of this season or beginning of next. I have requested a 400RR be saved for me once the shipment comes in. Apparently they import rules may be changing up here... the imported vehicle has to be 25yrs or older vs 15yrs. What's the use... it doesn't make much sense to me but I figure if that's the case, I might as well get my hands on one now so I don't have to worry about it later....

    As for the bike riding like crap when it warms up - it may be the plugs... in Japan they put the one number? lower than what is recommended... so we'll see....

    Thanks for all your help...
  8. dude, not too sure about your mechanical prob but if you get stuck pay a visit to www.cbr250.com. There are boys over there who know the cbr250 like the back of their hand and should be able to help you.