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1988 Yamaha FZR250 2KR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by drewzor, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Hi guys and girls,
    I have just finished spending $800 on the mechanic's of this bike so its hard to tell what is going on.

    First I should make it clear that I have only been riding 4 times (in my life) and on this bike.. very inexperienced ok

    Right, this bike has a 17000 RPM red line so I have been trying to keep it up at 6000 ~ 8000 RPM around 50~60kmph

    The problem is when I come to a stop (at the moment i have been just pulling in clutch and tapping down to first, rather then going down gears to pull up) by the time i stop the engine has cut out??

    it had done this everytime but now it will not turn back on at all and to start the bike i have to jump start it in second gear.

    I noticed that on the last stall it did not cut out while stopping but instead idled ruffly and when i tried to take off there was no power just constant low rev.

    I tried a little trottle but it sounded like it was going to choke so pushed it over to the side of the road and by then the engine was dead?

    Anyone have any advise? i tried reving the shit out of it in anger but it still craps out as soon as you have no throttle on.

    when trying to turn it over the rev counter dial moves up to 8000rpm and sounds like it cannot turn over the engine. But i can still jump start it on.

    work done to this bike prior to riding;
    new battery
    oil and filter
    petrol and filter
    all new electrics (blinker assembly and headlights and breaklights)
    brake pads and brake system
  2. Sounds like the charging system is not working ...

  3. Thanks VCM,
    The service agent has lent me a charger for the battery and says once it has fully charged it should be ok?

    Do bikes of this type have an alternator to keep the battery charged?
  4. Yep. Stator Coils.
    Its a little different to an alternator, but essentially does the exact same thing. The coils are under or around the flywheel. The flywheel has magnets on it and these magnets produce a charge in the coils as the run around them.
    If your Battery Cells are dead however, they will not 'HOLD' charge
  5. Thanks again VCM,
    I guess I will find out if the stator coil is not doing its job in a few days.

    After a over night charge the bike started first time!
    Still when you spike the throttle up to say 5~6000RPM the rev's dip badley before returning to idle

    I will be riding it today to see if (for the first time since owning it) it doesn't cut out..

    Thanks for your help educating me on the basics too, gotta start somewhere.
  6. Your Welcome :)
    and Merry Christmas !
  7. I had taken it for a 10min ride because i worked out that if you leave it revving at 10,000rpm at the lights it doesn't cut out!! but as soon as you drop revs to idle it will cut out.. so I rode it to the service agent and let it cut out when i got there.

    They tried to start it and like usual there was no throttle response? just constant low rev no matter what you do with the throttle, until you return it back to idle position and it would cut out.

    They have said that it is probably the exup component of the bike.. I hope so cos so far I've spent $799 on first service, $399 on second service and now have been told exup parts are expensive!!

    I fk'n hate this bike now... I could have bought the little CBR125R for what i have spent all in all, purchase, rego, service and body repair.

    Other things I could have got instead of this are
    New high end stereo for my car + new wheels
    ADSL and FOXTEL paid in full for the next 10 years
    4 separate two week trips to bali
    new surf gear, skate gear, + tickets to every major sporting event for 2008

    poor decisions by me i guess.
  8. Thats why you take it to the mechanic to get a proper inspection prior to buying. Hard way to learn unfortunately.

    Hows the clutch on it? No problem with that?
  9. try wiring the exup valve open, if this is the problem you will notice the improvement straight away. Its not the best fix, but it will help you narrow down if thats the problem. Also try changing your spark plugs that made a huge difference to my FZR.

    They are a great bike when running rite, get it in good shape and you'll love it!
  10. lol yeah
    U did nothing in the first service to check the engine or carbs intead u spend your money on crap and cosmentics.

    pads fluids filters and sprockets can all wait no matter what condition they are in.

    BTW u can remove the exup valve have it run without

    i dont have a calculator how much did u spend buying the bike.
  11. yep thats the plan with the exup.. to set it into a fixed position.

    Zbike, to get this bike blue slipped you cannot have craked fairings / unsecured or or sharp edges (i was told by the assessor) and suggested these things to be done

    I just needed to vent some frustration, It is a nice bike to ride, its just frustration that every ride so far has ended with it not starting again.

    phizog -inspection- !Word!
    clutch is perfect
  12. sorry mate if your in nsw u got told wrong about the fairings, if you elsewhere i havnt got a clue.

    Hope the exup fixes it, in theory its likly i reckon

    if it doesnt i would be looking somewhere electrical
  13. Yep I'm in NSW and if that’s the case, that’s just another $300 waisted :(
    Well without the exup it was gutless and still cut out??? so we put it back in. The budget is now tapped out, with a total spend (not including some small things) comes in at $3495

    The service agent said that at this point it would be completely exploratory service and could not give any estimate to possible cost..

    I'm shattered, the bike is rideable (for that fact it rides really well now) but if you go up the gears 1-2-3 wined out to 10000rpm then pull the clutch in and roll off accelerator and come to a stop it cuts out.. all electric's seem to be ok and the bike starts back up fine for the first couple of times then it seems to flood.

    I work around this by not rolling off the accelerator, instead waiting till stop to roll of rev's ...

    I would have thought it could not be too complicated on an 88 model moto.. air, fuel, bang, power, fumes?? but obviously there is something amiss.

    I will ride it as much as i can to see if it can clear the problems out with time?

    Anyone mechanically minded want a cheap bike?

    What do you all think I should do with it?
  14. ehh take it to a diffrent machanic once u get some cash, might aswell u wont get your cash back if u sell now, Or hang around someone will now what the problem is, once thats sorted fixing it is relativly easy.

    since its running fine up till 10k its probaly not the engine.
    89 model its carbs and they shoudnt cause this sort of problem

    Just leaves your CDI and igniotion ect
    some one had a simmilar problem where the coil resposible for the upper RPM range failed, (my knowlege stops here)

    talk to a few diffrent mechanics
    i mean actual mechanics that have a motorcycle mechanical workshop not John Backdoor and bike biz and $80pr hr labour.

    You can start with mmt at granvil, strip side fairings for starters and u might find out whats wrong for free, worst case ull spend 50$ and they tell ya whats wrong with it.
  15. and how is it dyin is it sudden is there loss of power

    is there a fuel pump, maybe it pusing enough fuel through, after it cuts out check the float vavles still have fuel in em, just to rule out the carbs
  16. #16 drewzor, Jan 12, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Went for a 45min ride this morning! it was great.. when i got home
    i thought i would make a video of how this bike ends up after every ride..

    Remember you can ride the car park all day without too much problem but once your one the road this is what happens everytime without fail
    if you dont leave it rev'n above 3000rpm
    It has like a turbo lag that sometimes last 3-5sec before power responds to the throttle..


    sorry about dodgy footage but its more the audio you need.

  17. that fuel pump is loud, id stick a gauge down its throat to make sure its pulling as much as it should as it is a common point of failure on this bike. (but im fairly horrible at mechanics)
  18. Thanks I will see if i can get a new fuel pump for this bike and see what happens
  19. it is clearly starving for fuel, down low, and at idle.
    check the fuel filter is correct (usually have an arrow marking direction of throughput), fuel lines, and jets etc. in carbs.
    it sounds like the fuel pump is either labouring hard, trying to push fuel through, or the pump itself is fcuked.
  20. Have done a fare bit of online investigation and these are the possible issues I have narrowed it down to.

    Keep in mind that the carb's have been cleaned and fitted with new seals.
    Upon checking receipts it turns out they only checked spark plugs, so I'm going to fit new spark plug's in soon.

    It smells very strong of fuel when it dies like that and I have read that these bikes dip in rev's before returning to idle when running rich.
    wouldn't this indicate flooding? not staving of fuel.. I have also read that these early models where gravity feed with fuel, , if the pump is dead can i run it without it?

    does anyone know how to change the air fuel mix on these bikes?

    please keep the suggestions coming..I'll keep you updated