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1988 Suzuki RGV 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. at the moment i'm riding a GS500F but i'm thinking of selling it and buying a 1988 Suzuki RGV 250.

    never owned a 2 stroke before (read alot of threads on here bout 2 strokes) but is there anything i should know about this model specifically? i've always wanted a car/bike thats my age.

    as with the 2 stroke thing, i look forward to getting dirty and doing the maintenance by myself, well learning how too anyway (will probably do a tafe coure on motorbike maitenance or something)

    previously owned a hyo gt250r and i miss the raceyness of it, and the rgv will be alot more racey than my hyo was, ha.
  2. I think they made both the J and K model in 1988 - do you know which one you're after? K model has about 10hp more than the J.

    I had an L model ('90 model, but '89 build date) as a trackbike and it was awesome. It could wheelie off the throttle, spin up the rear etc. Great bike to learn the track on, as it forces you to adapt to ridiculous corner speeds, late braking and throttle control. Maybe not so good for a learner on the road.

    The L is the VJ21 model, which didn't have the powervalve problems of the later VJ22s - that said, the valves are old now and might be starting to degrade. Mine was still running the original powervalves, and they are still going strong with the new owner. A mate of mine just bought another one, and he's found some cheap powervalve replacements.

    One thing you should know - the RGV isn't LAMS approved. Not sure if you Victorians still have the blanket 250cc restriction - have you moved into the 21st century and got LAMS yet?
  3. got my learners before LAMS came in so i can still ride it. on my P's now.

    its an 88 one, says "good condition L bike" not sure if he is saying its learner legal though (which under LAMS it isn't)
  4. Huge fun.

    It will have been crashed. If not, you will crash it.

    It will need at least a top-end rebuild.

    Don't expect to use it as an everyday commuter.

    Ringadingding.......ding...ding.........WaaaaaaahhHHHHHHHHHH :grin: .
  5. yeah thats what i hope, im thinking this bike will last me until i have the income to buy a litre bike :D (when i get the litre bike this bike will become a trophy bike [or track :D] )
  6. could my height of 6'4 be a huge problem? i won't be riding this bike for touring or anything....
  7. Yeah im exactly 6' 4" too and 90kg and a mate of mine has the bike... It really is cramped for us tall people :S ... Your knees need to be flared out most of the time because you cant tuck them into the groove of the tank, and its a relatively short bike so your kind of squished in. And i found the handle car positions just to narrow for myself...IMO really isnt intended for 6' 4 but try and ride one to see for yourself! BUT i absolutely loved the random and peaky power of the tingy little bugger, but really couldnt see myself owning one :(

    ps nice avater ;p
  8. do you have to premix fuel?
  9. Again, not sure about the earlier model but everything from '90 onwards definitely had a separate oil reserve. Some people remove the oil pump and run premix, but I'm not a fan.
  10. put my bike up for sale, and wouldn't you know, the same day i do that, some low life decides to knock my bike over. oh joy.
  11. went and had a look at the bike today.

    was sitting in his garage for 6 months or something, un-used. was really dirty. took i think 6 kick starts to get going, ALOT of smoke out the back and alot of liquid (i assume oil or petrol) leaked out (about a large cupfull) but that either slowed or stopped all together after it was running for a while. had a test ride, put it into second and im not sure if i felt the powerband (got up to 7.5k revs. it also seemed hard(ish) to kick it up to second gear, kept going from 1st to neaut, is the gear system different on older bikes? or am i just a pansy? or not.... o.0

    i want to buy the bike but not sure if i have the funds to get it up to a standard of every 2nd day use....

    is anyone in the melbourne area willing to teach me how to service this bike if i get it? i'll pay you.

    my intention with getting this bike is to restore it to its original condition as much as possible, if i buy this bike, i won't sell it. ever. i have the feeling it will become a money sink but thats okay with me (as long as the money that goes in, comes out somewhat in the bike, if that makes sense)

    so yeah, any of you aussies in here have an idea of what it would cost for a full service for one of these things? as i think if i buy this bike i'll need to give it a service at the very least....


    im in the geelong/melbourne area by the way.
  12. so where in Melbourne/Geelong is this bike located? I'm willing to share knowledge with you, but I'm on the other side of town. Is there are particular reason why you want the VJ21 over the VJ22 (or other two strokes)?

    The beauty of this bike is that parts are plenty, and the VJ21 is not as highly sort as a 22. Without knowing more about it (kilometres, fluids used and general sound) it's hard to say what is needed to get it up to scratch. Factor in how much mechanical ability you have and willingness to learn to improve your skills as a way to minimise (or increase!) costs.

    If you do buy it, go to the RGV forum and start familiarising yourself with the bike, known problems, workshop manual, etc.
  13. had a look at this?