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1988 Suzuki GSX R1100 - Has not turned over in 3 years

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Jaykay4tay, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have access to a Suzuki GSX R1100 '88 with 20,000km on the clock.

    The bike is in excellent condition, however, it has been garaged for about 3 years and has not been turned over in about the same time.

    Apart from a new battery, flushing the tank, and potentially cleaning the carbs out is there anything else I should be mindful of before turning the ignition on???

    Thank you in advance.
  2. condition of the tyres
  3. No sure if this is done thing on bikes, but in the past when I use to tinker with cars, I used to remove the spark plugs and crank the engine over(on the starter) to make sure the engine will build up oil pressure.
  4. to add to Jeffco's post, it's not just the wear on the tyres, but the hardness of them. They go hard over time. 3 years isn't too bad, but they may have been a few years old when it went into storage. Especially with those ks.

    Change brake fluid too, as it can absorb water over time and fork oil for good measure.

    Check all hoses for cracks, especially the vacuum hoses as small cracks in these can cause all sorts of niggling problems. I'd personally just replace those for good measure.

    Make sure you have a good look for rust on the inside of the tank.

    Also, considering the age of the bike, the carbies may need kits in them because the rubber has cracked.
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  5. 1/2 tea spoon of oil down the bore,another thing. Try a quick engine turn over with the plugs out, take care with where the spark is, check it does spark but dont burn the bike. Spinning it will pump any fuel in the bores out the plug hole, they can leak out the carbs and hydrolic lock,bent rods ect. Sparking plugs and spraying fuel is BAD so take care.Old fuel can loose it punch, so maybe replace, Can of Start you Bastard is a good idea as well/
  6. Beat me to it on the oil down the bores, Zim.
  7. Ripper. Thanks for the info guys.