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1988 Kawasaki Ninja 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LizzyM, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Not sure whether this goes under this section or under General, but will try here. :)

    My nephew has recently purchased a 1988 Kawasaki Ninja 250, but hasn't got a workshop manual for it. It is a grey import and the model is a 1988 Kawasaki ZX2R. Trying to locate one, I've searched online for it, and the search comes up with the Kawasaki EX250 - GSX250 of the same year.

    My question is this: Is this the same bike? :?

    What appreciate any clarification/help I can get!
  2. A 1988 Kawasaki ZX-2R (grey import) would be a 250cc Inline4. You may have more success googling ZXR250, which is the motorcycle's proper designation.

    The EX250, a.k.a GPX250, is a 250cc Parallel-Twin, i.e. a different motorcycle. The manuals for this bike would not be of much use to you.

    My understanding is that "Ninja 250" has been used to describe both motorcycles at various points in time, hence the confusion. To make things doubling confusing, some people (like those nobs at Peter Stevens) actually refer to the latest iteration of the EX250, publicly known as the Ninja 250R, as a ZX-2R. :?

    I think I'm going to have a brain haemorrhage now. :LOL:
  3. Workshop manual for a ZXR250 here.
  4. Thank you so much, although somewhat confusing..it now is strangely but slightly clearer...(I think) :?: :?

    speed_demon said:
    :LOL: :LOL: