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VIC 1988 Honda Spacey scooter

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by still_riding, Sep 23, 2014.

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    Yes you read that correctly, someone pinched my broken down 88 Honda Spacey scooter from the inbound side of the Monash between Stud Rd and the Eastlink yesterday morning, Monday 22 September, around 10am.

    Did anyone see anything?
    I know it's sad that I ride such a thing, but it makes a great shopping cart, and I feel it is much sadder that someone stole it, and it was broken, stopped, dead, side of the road. WHY DO IT??

    and even more sad, the only bit that I really want are the American rear indicators that are on it, they are very distinctive and very hard to find, and would work on one of my other original spaceys.

    Keep you eye open, any leads on it's whereabouts greatly appreciated.

    Now that my scooter is stolen, I have taken more notice of other bikes that have been sitting in random locations for a while.

    Is anyone missing their R150, or is theirs 'broken' down in Glenhuntley Vic near a school.


  2. Do you have any pics or the rego number of the scooter?
  3. It's white in colour, and has a white top box which is quite rare.
    I don't have photos. It was an old crappy scooter, who takes photos of such a thing.
    Rego number: IR 483
  4. that sux mate will keep an eye out