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1988 FZR 250 (exup)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by wrighty, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. I was having problems with the bike flooding at take off and stalling but when going on the road it would hit 18,000 easy as :?

    I took it to Yamaha and had the carbs re-done jetted and vac balanced with a general service however now it idles and takes off smoothly but when it hits 10,000 it will go no harder even when it is held at full throttle

    ... :shock: they can't tell me why????

    Could anyone shed some light????
  2. Not that I'm a mech but it sounds like lack of fuel at those speeds. Seeing as how they played with the flooding problem, they may have played with the float settings. They may be too low. That would slow the fuel delivery as the float would see the bowl as full too quick.

    Worth checking out.

    Or they may have adjusted the main jets for more economy instead of power.

    Worth checking out.
  3. have a chat to people at http://www.fzr250.com/

    A FZR250 dedicated forum..

    The problem with flooding like that is very common on these bikes..
  4. i think he's already introduced himself over there - i recall swan hill mentioned in a post with similar problems. It seems to have everyone stumped, though. wrighty, you've done the right thing thing by getting the bike looked at by the local yamaha dealers, only problem is these bikes are pretty finicky to deal with, and because you can't get an english service manual, some mechanics tend to fly blind a bit. In melbourne, i got turned down by 3 or 4 to even look at my bike (an 88 2kr as well), before finding a good local mechanic who was happy to work on the bike because they had previous experience on it. Thats the trick, finding someone who's worked on fzr250s before, because the expertise rests with the individual, not the organisation. They sorted my bike really well. Your options are more limited being up in the sticks, but i still think its worth hunting down someone with previous exeperience on the fzr. good luck man.
  5. Cheerz mate, say who in melb did you eventually go to to sort ya probs out ???? It's not to hard to trailer up and get down your way :) would be worth a trip to get it sorted....