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VIC 1988 CBR 250R(R) - Heidelberg

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Mark Gibbons, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. I know I'm known for being an idiot around here for not knowing the "simplistic" stuff about my own motorcycle. Any-way, was stolen tonight, sometime during the night from my front lawn in Heidelberg Heights. I'd love any information if anyone has it, or theres a reward for the location. You'll remain anonymous if you'd like. I don't really care for Police involvement (it's already been reported stolen, but i'd say I just found it parked) - I just want it back. Not gonna give you a petty little sob story either.

    I'll upload some images.
    [​IMG] (take note of the scratching on the exaust, was dropped once, but fairings were repaired.

    Again, take note of the engine were some damage was repaired. Another easy way to spot it. The handles, they're pink.

    Anyway, long story short,
    It's my only vehicle, and my first. If $500 isn't enough, and you know some info, please let me know. I'll buy it back from you, see if I care.
  2. ok.. well, I don't really know how to follow "see if I care" .. but I do hope you get your bike back.
  3. Thank-you, I just don't care how much is costs to get back. I definitely care about my bike. :'(
  4. Good luck, and in the mean time buy yourself a decent chain to secure it or your next ride. :(
  5. I am sorry to hear you have had your bike pinched. Sadly the truth of the matter will be that it will have been broken up for parts quickly. Keep your $500 and put it towards a new bike and some better security. Commiserations.
  6. Shheeeez mate you aint having much luck are you?
    Bike thieves are the scum of the earth :( Was it insured?

    PS: have you gotten your learners yet?
  7. Nah, was planned for this week. Bike past it's road worthy and I finally had the rego, everything was in order. Test was booked too.

    I am still hoping it'll show up, I mean, would someone really risk jail over some 20+ year old second hand parts? - I mean come on, get a job. Dunno what to say about them (whoever took it) without sounding like a rambling maniac. Ugh, disappointing.
  8. On the bright side,
    People seem to have questioned me on why I bought an old bike. Well, since anyone over the age of 10 with some bolt cutters can steal it, and I'm using it for a couple months until I can move on.
  9. Do you know anything about this market? Any tips?
    I was thinking I could "hunt" some CBR 250 R parts for a nice little 1988 model. Find one part, and the lawsuit begins.
  10. Bike was found. Major damage, but found.

    *Learners acquired btw.

    Also found the theif. Is it within the rules to post the public (free for anyone to sit in) - court case?

    Guy stole around 60 vehicles according to the officer I spoke to.
  11. Awesome news.. especially for the bike being found, but for getting the learners too.. I'm quite surprised that the bike was found, especially after such a long time, but I'm really, really glad for you..

    What sort of damage was done? was it just around the ignition barrel area (ie. relating to the theft?), or was the rest of the bike damaged too?

    It's great to hear that the person who stole it was apprehended too.. I'm not sure about the rules for posting that sort of thing.. probably best to check with one of the mods; Calling @smee, @cjvfr, @Justus etc..
  12. Thanks. It was a fair amount, full fairing replacement, handle grips pulled off, mirrors pulled off, number plate sawed in half, new taillights, ignition barrel, fuel tank, etc. List goes on!

    Here's some pics.





    (Please note: the white powder is finger print dust)


  13. I don't think there is any issue with posting when the case is to be heard and where. Although the accused at the moment is just that and innocent until proven guilty. It is probably not a good idea to comment on a case once it is being held. This is a public forum and conceivably a contempt of court charge could be made.
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  14. Did the cops claim the $500?
  15. Thankfully-not! :p

    Point taken!
    On another note, It was found in his drive-away along with other stolen bikes, when the Police paid him a visit. Why'd they visit him? Existing warrants. Go figure.
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  16. At least you got your wheels back Mate. That must have come as a hell of a nice surprise after all this time and with no insurance.

    Pricks like that need a little jungle justice, lowest of the low.

    All the best, Lionz
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  17. Haha. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    Thieves never are.
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  18. I disagree ... they don't need a LITTLE jungle justice, they deserve a whole METRIC ASS LOAD of it!
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  19. How about little and often, kind of like a daily reminder.......... and little meaning my fingers can't work the brake and clutch any more, ever.
  20. Have to agree wholeheartedly! In my most recent experience, I got back from work one morning last week (from night shift) last week to see two numpties trying to shove the neighbours sports bike in their station wagon. The bike was about a foot too long, so they were trying to slam the back door to somehow make it fit. :facepalm: