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1986 xr250r

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by spenaroo, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. well i purchased myself an 1986 xr250r,
    its a great bike. but a bit rough. its obviously been used well over its life time,
    but she runs butifully and keeps up with the other bikes when on the trails. even doing things with me on it (crap rider) that other more experienced riders on bigger newer bikes struggle with easily. it really is like a tractor it just blasts through anything.

    so the fun begins, ive always wanted a project and now i have one. so far its been stripped down for a clean up (mechanicals not touched) under all the plastics was just black sludge and muck. and that was after it had been hit with an pressure cleaner about 5 times. the airbox was no better with the same filth filling it. so with some elbow grease its now clean revealing parts in alot better condition then i thought. especially the exhaust after some elbow grease and scouring to get of the baked on mud is a pipes with extremely little visible rust and no dents (rare on these bikes apparently)

    unfortunetly the plastics arent the same story, they appear to have been "fixed" with the decals covered a few times. and no longer available. well from honda:p so here lies my problem,

    should i restore her to original condition, or do i update her by using later parts. and non-replica after-market items?

    the friend i have who is working on it at the moment and found it for me etc.. believes i should restore her to original condition (he is a 1986 xr fan..... always on the lookout for ones in good condition, he has all original broucheres etc.. for them) as its now a classic/vintage bike (over 25yrs old) so should increase in value if its brought back to original condition.

    however most parts will need to be sourced overseas. bringing up the cost. if i update by using later and after-market parts. it will be cheaper. but no-longer look like the 86 xr. losing its appeal and value for re-sale.

    pics will come when i get a chance to take my camera when i visit her or bring her home.
    opinions wanted and welcome
  2. what it could look like after market:

    and original:
  3. In my humble opinion, if you have the time and the money to do a restoration and keep it original, then it will pay off. You already have a mechanically sound stock classic, so keep going if you can.
  4. Id say stick with the original classic look ;)
  5. the original looks better i reckon.
  6. Not a whole lot of difference between stock and aftermarket cosmetics, but eh, if you can do it, why not. Get together some plastics in the best condition you can find (I seriously doubt you will find them in pristine condition, maybe unused stock somewhere?), clean them up as best you can, respray them in original colors.
  7. haha, ive spent the last few days of free time on the net looking for parts,
    found new plastics, seat cover, headlight and tank stickers (original):p im pretty shure ill restore..... as for the difference in plastics you havent seen the otherside:) its flat and square, unlike the modern plastics that have the bulge on the otherside and curvy.

    later years:
    ive found some after-market replicas, but the postage may be a bit expensive from the usa. problem is the red background stickers.
  8. You will most likely have to get the stickers made
  9. nos lefthand sidecover has been sourced, and just waiting for paypal to set-up to pay for it (ebay). righthand and front headlight has also been sourced but not purchased.

    and ill put in an order tommorow for all the standard stuff (oil filter, air fiter, headlight, brake pads etc..) through work, as they are still available new. its nice when they make the same engine for 25years, seems to only be the aesthetics that are difficult to find
  10. Why on earth are you "restoring" a dirt bike? There were probably 20 trillion of them produced, so I would estimate that any future collectable status and associated value would lie somewhere between f#ck all and none.
    Dirt bikes are made to be modded, then trashed and caned 'till they are dead. Or you are. Whichever comes first. Only fixed when they are broke.
  11. Not much point trying to make it a collectible if you're going to be caning it off the road.

    I'd keep it decent mechanically for the least $ possible so it can be ridden, and would give scarcely a toss about resale or how it looks.
  12. Yeah, I'm with Raorin...
    I've never worked out why people restore dirt bikes, unless we're talkin bout some cool cool ones (DKW, Hodaka etc...)
    I'd just get it running nice and spank it like you've spanked before.


  13. well here is what im starting with,
    why am i doing it up,
    well i want a project, i can afford this as parts are cheap

    and i dont plan on running it with the new plastics etc.. on it. they will be kept away as they are hard to find, and i want to keep them mint. using them for photos etc..

    the mechanical side will obviously be used and maintained

    i plan on keeping it for a few years after i upgrade, and storing it away. as even though there were trillions made. try finding a 86 for sale.... especially one in good nick.

    hopefully there will be people who grew up dreaming of owning one, or who had it as a first bike that will want one for nostalgic purposes. that will be willing to pay in a few years..... like the guy who is helping me restore it. good condition ones still pull a bit today (2-3k so potentially i could profit now. 5k if there immaculate) the problem is finding the right buyer
  14. Never ever build a bike for the sole purpose of making money. Unless its what you do for a living.
    Build it for the passion of it...if you make some cash when you sell it, great!, but I would have to be convinced if you were able to let it go easily after all the effort you put into it..
    I know with the bike I"m building, I would struggle to contemplate selling it!...

    No need to justify the build to anyone man, props to you for doing it...Hope to see lots of pics man. No pics = no build, minimal pics = crappy build, lotsa pics = excellent build :)

    Give us a yell if you need a hand with anything man, ur not too far from me!
  15. yeah i agree,
    if i ever make money on this it will just be a bonus. its not the reason im doing it. it just helps me justify spending cash on keeping it original. and it gives me one direction to focus the build on. plus gives it a purpose/excuse for me to keep it when the dreaded logic kicks in:)

    at the moment i think it will be 2 builds, running at the same time.

    the first build will be in getting to original parts where possible to restore her, this will be where all the money goes. as parts arent cheap (well they are when compared to other bikes, but for me on apprentice wages) this will end up with an bike in the best condition i can get her to.

    the second build will be in tidying up the parts on her now, so she looks better when i use her, matching how she runs. this will be as little money as possible, but most likely more time intensive. as it means sanding painting etc... rather then just bolting new parts on. this is a case of near enough is good enough. also allows for practicality, such as modern bark-busters etc...

    i plan on lottsa pics,
    thank you for the offer ill keep it in mind
  16. so an update,

    so far ive aquired new decals, a new seat has been installed, a tool bag, new side plates (unfortunately one is yellow from age, but still in mint condition otherwise) new headlamp unit.

    however i went riding Melbourne cup day and the xr died. the current theory is that the cam belt has gone. so i just purchased a service manual and while i was on ebay an used rear fender, as it looks to be it better condition then my current one...... if it lives up to its ebay pic
  17. Cam belt??

    If the cam chain broke, loud clatter and bang and possibly holes magically appearing where there were none before..
  18. slip of the tongue (finger in this case),

    at this stage thats the best bet, i was riding with a few mechanics and that is what they believe it to be. i wont know till i recieve the manual and take apart the engine